Aloi Citen

General Aloi Citen (a.k.a. Anrosei)

Middle child of the Citen Family, General of the Cobalt Flame, member of the Council of Eight and most impressive of all, she is only 27 and has already accomplished so much. A strong warrior and skilled tactician she more than lives up to the Citen family name.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Aloi trains her body daily to keep herself in peak physical condition. Her body is athletically toned and other than her missing tail and partial blindness in her left eye she is a perfect specimen of health for her species.

Body Features

Like all Neko she has hair on parts of her body for her she has black fur on her back, on the sides of her stomach and under her breasts.

Identifying Characteristics

Cat-Like ears

Physical quirks

She seems to walk a little oddly as if steady and unsteady at the same time, as if she is compensating for a physical deformity, namely her missing tail.

Specialized Equipment

Aloi carries one piece of specialized equipment on her at all times the legendary weapon known as Cobalt Flame, the namesake for the forces she is the general of. Where other users primarily kept the weapon that can shift between a bow and a sword in its bow state, she is the first user to keep it primarily a sword.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born Anrosei Citen, Aloi chose the name of one of her ancestors on her thirteenth birthday, specifically the name of the daughter of Erila Citen, founder of the Noble house within the borders of the empire.


Aloi spent a lot of her life being taught by private tutors, her parents pushing her to be great, hoping she would live up to her older brother and putting the pressure on her to be an example to her little sister.   She completed her mandatory military service that is required for all who live on the main island early in life entering the service at age 12. At age 15 she was working towards specialized training in hopes to be a member of the Cobalt Flame.


At the age of 15 she entered the recruitment for the Cobalt Flame, during a training mission she proved herself, but lost her tail in the process. Despite being offered her tail regrown she decided to leave it as a reminder to the fact that she must pay more attention and always watch her own back.   By 21 she had become commander of the Valiant Squad within the Cobalt Flame.   By 24 she had proven herself in defeating a sea-borne threat and become the new wielder of the legendary weapon and namesake of the forces The Cobalt Flame.   By age 26 Aloi replaced the previous head of the Cobalt Flame and took their place on the council of eight. She quickly saw the problem looming over the empire. The lack of remaining Tyro. With only the childless emperor Antiv Tyro and his distant cousin Erima Tyro and her family remaining, she saw a potential dangerous scenario for her home.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Defended several of the islands from monstrous threats and defeated a sea dragon single handedly using the bow Cobalt Flame.   Youngest Squad Leader in the History of the Cobalt Flame.   Youngest General of the Cobalt Flame.   Youngest Appointee to the Council of Eight.

Failures & Embarrassments

Lost her tail in a training exercise.   Is partially blind in one eye due to the acid of an enemies attack while on a recovery mission outside of the empire.

Mental Trauma

Aloi is slightly obsessive compulsive, constantly making sure things are in the right place not only in her office, but having labelled pouches on her pack and making sure everything is packed correctly.

Intellectual Characteristics

Due to her training she is an expert tactician, a masterful artist and sculptor, and a polyglot.

Morality & Philosophy

Everything I do is for the sake, strength, and stability of my empire.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

She is quick to find a solution where others believe there to be none.

Vices & Personality flaws

It is easy for others to get on her nerves, a thing that causes her hackles to rise.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
General of the Cobalt Flame Lady Aloi of House Citen
Year of Birth
1536 (31 years old)
Current Residence
She travels between the family home in Mi'Ite and her home in Sa'Ir
Biological Sex
Aloi is pansexual like many who live on the island but unlike many on the islands she is monogamous.
Gender Identity
Identifies female and was born female, Aloi is confident in her femininity as well as her military prowess.
Chocolate Brown Eyes
Long sleek ravenhair
5' 2"
132 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I will save our Empire"
Aligned Organization
The Cobalt Flame
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Is completely fluent in the following languages Common, including the Gyo-Common dialect Dothan Elvish Neko Grung Primordial Abyssal Infernal Celestial Draconic


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