The peoples of Mah'Lo and the archipelago of islands known collectively as The Nine   Gyorans are the populous of the Gyohdo Islands, which consists of the main Island of Mah'Lo and the archipelago of Islands near the Graylands

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Common names chosen by those who identify as female on their thirteenth year. Most chosen names are one to three syllables long and some common ones are below.   Ilta, Coren, Alinsa, Erila, Ifille, Mera, Tilis, Riv, Mih, Daelah, Triss, Eyah

Masculine names

Common names chosen by those who identify as male on their thirteenth year. Most Chosen names are one to three syllables long and some common ones are below.   Asandar, Ranval, Tanac, Cohn, Susa, Vie, Leven, Beric, Syb, Nual, Antiv, Eamon

Unisex names

Due to the way the people of the island view gender all babies are born with a unisex name, some chose a unisex name at their thirteenth birthday, but most only have a unisex name from birth. Most Unisex names are two-four syllables long and some common ones are below.   Matre, Harat, Novira, Tuliss, Loviete, Eltarios

Family names

Many of the family names of those that live on the island are a mixture of the native names that go back ages and the names that came about from interactions with peoples of other nations. Most house names are one-two syllables long. The most well known names belong to the various Noble Families of the Islands.   House Names of the Noble Families Ryto, Citen, Ren, Grevon, Sato, Kon, Erto, Isga, Ker, Retan, Fell, Spire, Rhada, Cull, Parsem, Rahn, Fura, Arlett   Imported Nobility from other Nations Streamsaved, Aguza, Kimahr, Cubrehim, Sakhar, Daritz, Tharim

Other names

True Names A true name is a name given to one by the religious leaders of the land. There is no conventions and most True Names are unknown save to the priest that gave it, the one who has it, and the god that knows it.


Major language groups and dialects

Dothan, Common, Sylvan, Primordial, Elven, Taurine (Language spoken by Minotaur and Centaurs alike), Draconic, Grung, Neko are all languages that can be heard on the island.   When it comes to common it is spoken normally or by the Gyo-Common Dialect that has come to exist in Gyohdo that combines Common with lots of Dothan and bits of Sylvan and Elven.   As for Primordial the primordial Dialects that can be heard on the main Island are Aquan and Terran, with minor bits of Auran. Ignan can be heard on two of the smaller islands.

Culture and cultural heritage

A culture of crafters, mystics and soldiers. Gyorans are one with both nature and the arcane, usually building their houses into the surrounding nature or incorporating it into their designs. They are proud of their agriculture as well as their arcane devices. Both the best wine and arcane focuses are said to come from the craftmen of Gyohdo. They are also known for the craftsmanship of jewels and precious metals. It is not uncommon to see exquisite floral jewelry of Gyoran craftsmanship. Most soldiers of Gyohdo are even skilled in at least one type of craft   Gyorans tie their heritage to their craft and their lineages with most Gyorans being able to trace their line back at least twelve generations.

Shared customary codes and values

Due to not being the largest of countries, the Gyoran people pride themselves on being open and friendly, it is not uncommon to hear Gyorans refer to each other as brothers and sisters even if they are not related. On some of the smaller islands it is also not uncommon to see a traveler being invited into a strangers house for a cup of tea.   Monogamy is rather uncommon on the islands with them trending more towards Polyamorous relationships, though monogamy is still seen on the islands.

Average technological level

Far from the most advanced of cultures, Gyoran's do have some technology that bleeds through with their interactions of trade between other nations, including their neighbor to the south which has led to the addition of firearms to their potential. However what they lack in scientific tech, they more than make up for in magical technology, the towers of Archmagi across the nation provide several bits of arcane experimentation, with the head Archmagi presenting their findings to the court once every five years. Any exceedingly dangerous magitech is usually taken by the Empress/Emperor/Empirex and placed within the Vault of Wonders. It is not uncommon to see farmers using mundane magical tools to help improve their crop yield or by villagers to help in doing their chores.

Common Etiquette rules

The caste system that persists throughout Eidamir is also present in Gyohdo, though it is hard to become a new member of the upper nobility to the point only 23 families are currently upper nobility, it is possible for even a farmhand to gain a minor title should they do something that the ruler deems worthy of a title. Manners are an ever present thing with the familial term brother and sister being used as a sign of respect among people of the same age and position. When referring to someone of a higher position it is customary to add the modifier Ih' before the name and for nobles to refer to the lower class as Sahya or add 'Sah after the name if they wish to show some respect.

Common Dress code

Most Gyoran's do not overdress. In smaller towns it is not uncommon to see people wearing the bear minimum of a shirt and shorts tied at the knees or a simple skirt. Using flora is common in clothes, and floral patterns are seen on most clothing of this country. Extravagant floral patterns are common on the clothes of the nobility.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The people of the island have a five fold view of gender, Masculine Born Male, Masculine Born Female, Androgynous Lives Neither, Feminine Born Male, and Feminine Born Female. Due to this peoples of the island are raised as if they are gender neutral for the most part until the reach the age of 13 where they choose the identity they wish to live as.   Due to this it is common for any child born on the island to be given a gender neutral name and for them to choose a gendered name upon their 13th birthday. While it is common for most to live as the identity that they have chosen on their thirteenth year, whether that be male, female, or neither, on some occasions people change their minds and go through a process to reaffirm their new identity.   In addition to their birth name, chosen name, and house name, many go to the churches to receive what is called their True Name, a name that is only to be used in church or when attempting to commune with the gods.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

At birth a child is blessed by one of the churches in Gyohdo and given a unisex birth name unless the parents choose otherwise.

Coming of Age Rites

The Thirteenth Year - A time for all children born on the islands to determine the identity through which they choose to express themselves as well as choosing the name they shall bear as their primary name the rest of their life.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Most funerary customs of Gyohdo involve preparing the body for immolation and burning it atop a pyre raised to the heavens. There is another option though it is not utilized very often, to offer your body for experimentation on Hi'Ne, also known as Shadowrun Island, after a funeral rite has been performed.

Common Taboos

It is considered a taboo within the boundaries of Gyohdo to hold a slave, as it is considered ill to possess ownership of another sentient sapient being in the islands. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen it is just something that makes you shunned by society should you do so.   It is also taboo to wear the color black on the occasion of death, as black is considered the color of the void and thus means you wish the dead not to pass over into an afterlife. White, Red, and Silver are considered the respectful colors to wear upon someones passing.   A third taboo is to attempt to force someone to live with an identity that is not theirs, I.E. forcing someone who has chosen to live as a woman to live as a man. If one is caught doing this the penalty is usually swift and as a country that prides itself in having as few prisons as possible, the punishment is usually exile or death.

Common Myths and Legends

The most well known island myth is the tale of Ilta Tyro and the Primordial Alessia. Though other myths are known throughout the lands such as the Ascension of Ih'Ilta the Mortal Goddess and The Fallen Spears.

Historical figures

The most well known and celebrated historical figure of the islands is Ilta Tyro, the first empress of Gyohdo, matriarch of the Tyro family and according to myth a half deity in her own right. She is said to have calmed and captured Alessia, the Prmordial that protects the main island and to not have died but ascended to godhood in her final years.   Asander Tyro, a descendant of Ilta also rose to prominence as the person who brought the archipelago known as The Nine into being a part of the Empire. He is also responsible for six of the noble houses being accepted as nobility, partially for the formation of The Cobalt Flame, and for adding a required military experience for future members of the Tyro family to be crowned, as well as instigating a rule of mandatory military experience of three years for all in the nation, of which the nobles can opt out, though should they opt out they cannot hold any influential seat.


Beauty Ideals

There is no beauty ideals as one would view them on the mainland. It is common that people of all genders to have darker skin as they spend a lot of time in the sun. Dark hair such as black, chestnut, and dark reds are common amongst all genders and hair that is neither too long that it gets in the way or too short is preferred by many. Blue Eyes generally make the Islanders view those who have them as outsiders.

Gender Ideals

The Ideal man of Gyohdo is one who is big, has a healthy appetite and is strong. A capable man when it comes physical labor is preferred by most women.   The ideal woman of Gyohdo is brilliant, a tactical mind, one who is kind and capable. A woman who can out-think and control a situation is ideal.   An Androgynous ideal is one who represents the best of women and men.

Relationship Ideals

Polyamory triangles are considered the ideal relationship by those of the islands as it is believed that with three legs that everything becomes more stable. This isn't to say that Monogamy or Polyamory beyond triangles don't occur, they just are not considered as ideal as the triangle.


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