The Rise and Fall

The guild that unites all the merchants guilds, The Rise and Fall grew out of a necessity to control the market as the empire seemed headed towards economic instability. In order to prevent a potential economic crash the Rise and Fall came about in 898 to make sure the events that lead to it never occur again. The Rise and Fall was added to the council of seven in 1246, causing it to become the Council of Eight. After over 700 years, 300 years of which were spent on the council of eight, while they have not stopped all markets stay stable, The Rise and Fall has ensured that the markets of the empire have never had another total economic crash.   Some of the merchant guilds still have a problem with the regulations set by the Rise and Fall despite the track record of preventing another economic catastrophe, this dissent has led some to believe a free market may be the best way for the merchants of the islands to move forward. A position the Rise and Fall is staunchly against.


The organization is split into a hierarchy of positions.   The chief spokesman is not only in charge of the guild, but is also the representative on the council of eight.   The guild has delegates on each island and in Ter'Nim in control of the guild in each of those locations that reports to the chief spokesman.   Next are the heads of all the merchant guilds who report to their delegates in order to maintain the regulation of the market.   Below them are bankers in each major city that keeps track of the merchants in their regions and makes sure the markets are balanced.   Lower than that are the couriers who act as the ones who carry the goods for all the merchant guilds allowing their goods to reach everywhere in the empire and beyond.   At the lowest point are the initiates who act as trainees, studying under the bankers and couriers in order to take a position in the guild at some point in the future.

Public Agenda

The guild is designed to keep the markets stable and prevent a total market crash as well as to keep the mercantile associations with foreign nations intact. Their belief is that a totally free market will eventually collapse, while a regulated market economic crashes can be discovered and prevented early on.


Several hundred ships, as well as access to the ships of the various merchant guilds and the coffers of not only itself, but the coffers of the other merchants guilds making it the richest of all the guilds within the confines of the empire.   The current head of the guild has led them to reach the highest level of economic potential they have had in the past.


Formed in 898 by Aucar Vire the guild proved itself by pulling the merchants of the nation from total economic collapse.   The guild remained the same until 1246 when it became part of the council of seven causing it to become the council of eight.

Foreign Relations

The Rise and Fall has connections with the merchant guilds of most other countries exporting and importing in and out of the empire. They maintain these good relations despite the lack of ability to utilize sea travel during the mist-time.

A controlled market prevents economic crash

Guild, Merchant
Parent Organization
Gyohdo Empire


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