Rahada Marshlands

A large marshland in the middle of Hi'Ne, it lies in the middle of the island between it and the city of Shadowrun and borders the small towns of Ahn'Dahl and Ahn'Asi. Some live deep within the marshlands especially when it comes to witches, as the natural sources within are useful to them. A few Lizardfolk that care not for cities make their homes in the underwater caves of the Marsh as well. Additionally some Grung make their homes in tree top houses, utilizing nets to protect themselves from the dangers of the insectoid life. For those that live deep in the marsh it is a simple life filled with both safety an danger.


Several miles of swampland filled with trees and plant life, there are parts where the swamp drops into deep pits, those that live in or near the swamp have learned to avoid these bog pits. The freshwater in the marsh contains many creatures and the purification of it has lead to it being untouched by the undead, keeping it untainted from that, though it is still recommended to boil and filter the water before drinking as it is still swamp water and as such may contain harmful plant or insect life within it without filtration.

Flora & Fauna

Home to many unique types of flora that grow well in bogs and marshes like cattail plants and lillies. The amount of natural flora within the wetland is excessive. The berries that grow there as well are quite exquisite and flavorful, though some do refer to them as a bit sour. One should watch out for the carnivorous plants though as some grow large enough to make a meal of a small human.   As for fauna, many reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish unique to wetlands make their home here. It has been said if you ever visit the Rahada Marshlands you should at least give the Wild Nekfish a taste. You should avoid the giant alligators that make the depths of the water their home. Especially if you don't know if they belong to some Lizardfolk as a pet.   Most dangerous of all though are the insects, big or small, they pose the most threat. The various poisons and diseases they carry are why only those with magic or thick hides live deep within the swamp. The Endless Sleep a disease carried by some insects in the western parts of the swamp makes many who live there carry the cures for the disease on them at all times.

Natural Resources

Exceptional leathers come from the various reptiles that make the marsh their home, as do fantastical feathers from the birds in the swamp and prismatic scales from the aquatic life. Most of these creatures also have bones and meat that are also gathered and used for their resources.   Strong vines, grasses, and other plant life that make for excellent weaving materials.   Succulent berries grow in the bogs, on the shores, and on vines creeping up trees. These berries are generally used for making wine at one of the two towns that border the swamp.   At the edges of the swamp coal can be dug up from the ground providing a useful source of heat.
Wetland / Swamp
Owning Organization
Gyohdo Empire


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