Built in 1211 GR and bordering the large swamp, The Rahada Marsh in the center of Hi'Ne, Ahn'Dahl protects itself and alongside its sister town on the western side of the marsh, Ahn'Alai, is responsible with protecting the swamp from the undead and blight. The town is a couple hundred years old, and has remained small even throughout the centuries due to the dangers of living an working in the marsh.


Elves (Primarily Wood) - 21%   Humans - 20%   Vanara - 12%   Grung - 12%   Neko - 10%   Lizardfolk - 7%   Slimefolk - 5%   Tortles - 5%   Other Races - 9%


A small town it is run by a chosen representative who keeps the town following the laws of the empire. Every 5 years the town holds a meeting to determine who will represent them at the Island summit that gathers the heads of each town on the island in order to discuss their issues and report them to the empire.


The town seems to be protected by something though nobody knows what and that protection spreads all the way across the marsh to its sister city. This protection causes nearly all the undead that attempt to cross into the city to crumble to dust. The few that get through are easily taken out by the village guard.


Ahn'Dahl makes a lot of its money through making wines and leathers. Secondary trades include fishing and coal mining. A smaller percentage of its trade comes from weaving and tool creation


Houses built on platforms and stilts, pathways that lead up the larger trees that border the marsh to large treehouses built atop them, the town takes advantage of vertical and horizontal space. A large winery sits on the edge of town closest the marsh near large water filtration housings. Pontoon boats with magical sources for movement sit at the docks for those who make their living in the marsh.


The town claims to have the best winery in the entire empire though its sister city would dispute that claim.   The have a few leatherworking shops including Invess Leathers, the most well-known and best leatherworkers in the empire.   There are several weavers as well.   The fish market is extensive and well stocked even having non-fish creatures like snake and alligator able to be purchased for food.

Guilds and Factions

There are no guilds present in Ahn'Dahl the small town lacks any presence in the minds of them.   Despite that there is the Invess Family that runs the leatherworkers and the Erten Family that runs the winery that have had a mutual rivalry over which provides the best goods to export from the town.


Nearly every house is made of wood, with some having mud-bricks utilized in its construction


Located on the edge of a swamp many of the houses are either on lifted platforms or actually built into the trees.

Natural Resources

All of the resources in the town come from the marsh, save for one. And that is a strange flower that grows outside the town where the zombie ashes lie, the flower, called Requiem Bloom has sweet smell and is used in many products within the town.
300 - 400
Owning Organization
Gyohdo Empire


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