Korva Flugilo

Cargo & Passenger Ship

The Korva Flugilo, which means "Raven's Wing" in the Ehrdean tongue, lives up to her name. Fast and nimble, she glides upon the air currents like a raven playing in the wind. Built nearly 20 years ago by the celebrated shipwright Stalleo Moperris in the ship yards of Mithar, the Korva Flugilo is the pride of House Delasarius.  

Trade Route

The ship's normal trade route begins at the port of Harxby in the northern reaches of Buzzard Bay. There she stocks up on cloth, grains, and finished goods from the artisans of the northern kingdoms. Her next stop is the Free Coast city of Cortana to sell grain and purchase lumber for sale in the wood-starved lands of the dwarves. Next stop is the city of Fahaz for provisions, passengers, and some light cargo. After a brief stop in the Port of Ehlrox she'll continue on her long journey around the Brakmarj Peninsula to the grand city of Gygaxe to unload most of her cargo and purchase armor & weapons from the famed dwarven smiths of Aglarhün. Next the ship heads for Murgmot where she exchanges the armor & weapons for one of the most prized of commodities in the north -- sugar. From there she retraces her steps back to Harxby to offload the sugar destined for the sweet-obsessed wealthy of the north.   Total round trip: 5-7 weeks  
Korva Flugilo Trade Route
Map by Buzzard

Made with Adobe Illustrator. Base terrain by Shessar. Settlement icons by Anna B. Meyer.

Read the article with details on the ship, her crew, and trade route: Korva Flugilo.

Officers & Notable Crew Members


by Artbreeder
Variros Naerel

The Captain's family have been faithfully serving aboard the ships of House Delasarius for more than two centuries. Captain Naerel has a reputation for fairness and an intolerance for foolishness. He is a seasoned veteran of many naval battles and is deeply trusted by Kzar Delasarius. The Captain is well known and respected on the seas and only the most brave, foolhardy, or desperate of pirates would dare challenge him and his well-disciplined crew.

First Commander

by Artbreeder
Larazano Hestinar

Commander Hestinar is a relative newcomer to the Korva Flugilo. His father did a great service for Kzar Delasarius and Larazano's command posting aboard the ship was the reward. Larazano replaced Commander Enniris last year after the Commander was gravely wounded in a skirmish with pirates in a tavern in Murgmot. The former Commander was very popular and Larazano has had a difficult time finding his footing with the crew.

Second Commander

by Artbreeder
Aericho Pahrenohr

Commander Pahrenohr has served aboard the Korva Flugilo since he was 14 years old and has deeply-rooted friendships among the crew and the officers. Having worked his way up through the ranks, Aericho is well-respected and knows the ship as well, if not better, than anyone else aboard. Being brave, sturdy, and disciplined, many of the crew were surprised when Aericho wasn't promoted to First Commander when Commander Enniris retired last year.


by Artbreeder
Onalaria Naerel

The ship's Navigator is a member of the Imperial Guild of Navigators and an Air Wizard of the Imperial College of Magic. She is also the Captain's sister and considered by many of the crew to be the de facto second-in-command of the Korva Flugilo... much to the chagrin of the ship's actual commanders. Stern and quick to anger, most of the crew are smart enough to keep out of her way. She is an expert weather-reader and a peerless sage of the seas' temperament.


by Artbreeder
Tregan Vollenohr

The ship's Pilot is an eccentric character who is often observed talking to himself, exhibiting nervous ticks, and making sounds resembling bird noises. He is obviously a learned man and in conversation he is prone to inserting strange comments and random, esoteric facts. Considered by some of the crew to be "touched", he is often shunned. Regardless, the Captain displays nothing but confidence and respect in his skills.

Deck Boss

by Artbreeder
Sallesso Pahroris

The ship's Deck Boss is a towering, hulk of a man. Normally quiet and reserved, Sallesso (Sal to his friends) is truly frightening when his temper is roused. He is a fierce and fearless leader in battle and prefers to lead from the front of the line. Sallesso drives the crew to realize their potential with the patience and support of a demanding, yet loving, father. He genuinely cares about the crew's well-being and is generally well-liked and respected.


by Artbreeder
Lawsen Wyl

After four years of service aboard the ship, Lawsen Wyl's debts are less than half resolved. Given the choice between debtor's prison or ship-service, he often regrets having not chosen prison. Lawsen hates the sea and his distaste for his circumstances is evident in his poor disposition and rotten bedside manner. He is a competent Physician trained at the Tower of Medicine in the free city of Condor.


by Artbreeder
Gyllonno Brenel

Gyllonno is a jovial man whose fondness for food and cooking is always on display. He is a true artist and a master of spices whose prowess in the kitchen is near-legendary among the crew. Always seeking to better his craft, Gyllonno can often be found combing through his trove of cookbooks collected from the many ports he has visited during his years upon the seas. Passengers are often wowed by his exotic meals.

Captain's Concubine

by Artbreeder
Ferina Pahrah

The Captain's Concubine serves as his secretary, personal servant, translator, and trusted confidant. She is a professional companion trained in the far east who speaks close to a dozen languages with varying degrees of proficiency. Ferina has faithfully served the Captain for the last 5 years and the closeness of their relationship is quite evident. She is usually distant and somewhat cold to anyone but the Captain.

Class: Carrack   Length: 105 feet   Beam: 28 feet   Draught: 6 feet   Displacement: 330 tons   Average Speed: 4 knots   Top Speed: 8 knots   Armament: 4 Medium Ballistae   Cargo Capacity: 150 tons   Officers: 8   Crew: 18-24   Cabin Passengers: 10   Steerage Passengers: 20-30   Owner: House Delasarius   View Deck Plan

Domo Delasarius

House Delasarius is one of the original families of the Kzar Syndicate. Founded by the legendary warlord Sarius (also known as the Avenging Raven), they are a powerful and esteemed faction within the Syndicate. The Domo Patro of the family is Kzar Aerillos Delasarius who recently succeeded his father. Their fleet of ships transport goods and passengers far-and-wide to the ports of the Sea of Zirtahn and the Cerulean Sea. Having offices and warehouses in most major ports, they are a highly recognized and trusted name in the world of shipping.

House Delasarius is well-known to be a vengeful and merciless advisary and there are few that would willfully risk their ire.

Kzar Syndicate

The Syndicate, as it is commonly referred to, is descended from the feared and brutal Kzar'ehrdy tribe of the far western plains. Originally made up of outcasts and criminals, the Kzar'ehrdy were fierce and unyielding conquerers during the Great Migrations. Today their descendants operate one of the continent's largest and most powerful trade organizations. Viewed by many to be a criminal enterprise, the Syndicate has none-the-less developed ties to many powerful and rich families throughout the Crimson Empire and the Free Kingdoms.

Members are governed by an ancient and revered code of conduct known as La Ĉarto which roughly means "the charter" in the Ehrdean tongue. The code provides very specific rules for everything from common etiquette to guidelines on the proper resolution of disputes between members. The rules are so vast and complex that most member houses employ counselors that have devoted their lives to its study.

The Syndicate has a well-deserved reputation for keeping its word and absolute adherence to the rules of La Ĉarto. Even though there is at times a great deal of strife and political intrigue between member houses, a slight or trespass against any member is traditionally viewed as an afront to the entire organization. As such, those who do business with the Syndicate are wise not to offend its members or default on their business agreements.

Passenger Service

The Korva Flugilo offers Cabin Passengers a relatively comfortable means of transport between her ports of call. Providing private cabins, good service, and excellent meals, she is favored by passengers of means. The ship's reputation and the Captain's prowess in battle offers the best kind of security for the wealthy and their posessions. Fares are based on an estimate of days-of-travel to passenger destinations. Prices range from 1gp / day for a bunk to 6gp / day for the stateroom and include 3 fine meals each day. Freight fees are charged for "excessive luggage".

Steerage Passengers are provided space in the ship's lower hold and 1 simple meal each day. Fares are determined by the estimated number of days aboard and priced at 1sp for adults and half that for children. Each passenger is allowed a small bag and bedroll. Additional baggage is charged as freight.

Freight Service

Freight fees are based on estimated weight and vary depending on the season, the customer, and type of cargo. Freight carried in the ship's secure storage hold is expensive and limited by availability. Syndicate members typically enjoy a generous discount on freight service.


The ship's standard crew of 24 is divided into 3 crew groups. Each group is comprised of 1 crew chief, 6 sailors, and 1 servant. There are 6 watches per day, 4 hours each. The watches are organized so that each group works 2 non-consecutive watches per day. This provides plenty of rest and leisure time for crew members to keep them sharp and healthy. The crew chief and sailors, while on duty, see to the operation and maintenance of the ship as directed by the officers. The servants see to the needs of the officers and passengers. Each watch 1 sailor is assigned kitchen duty during one of their leisure times. Normally this extra duty is assigned by rotation. It is also a favored disciplinary method of the crew chiefs.   Crew members aren't the rough and raggedy sea dogs found on many merchant ships. House Delasarius only hires professional sailors and servants. The Korva Flugilo, being their flagship, is crewed by the best-of-the-best. Wages are high, the food is good, and obtaining a position on the ship's crew is a matter of pride and carries some minor prestige among professional sailors.

Deck Plan

Use the layer control icon in the upper right of the deck plan to switch between decks and/or enable the layer details to learn more about the ship and her features or to enable a grid overlay.

Korva Flugilo
Deck Plan by Buzzard

Made with Dungeondraft. Assets by Forgotten Adventures and Gogots' Maps.

Read the article with details on the ship, her crew, and trade route: Korva Flugilo.

Credits & Disclaimers

Cover image by Buzzard. Source images from Pixabay.

Barrels image by Jonathan Borba.

Character portraits made with Artbreeder.

House Shield made with Armoria.

Deck Plan by Buzzard. Assets by Forgotten Adventures and Gogots' Maps.

Trade Route map by Buzzard. Terrain by Shessar. Settlement symbols by Anna B. Meyer.

Cover image: by Buzzard


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