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I'm a long-time game master, world builder, and RPG fan doing my best to live in my own little world. I'm using World Anvil to create and organize a semi-custom RPG world that started off, long ago, as the World of Greyhawk. Through game-play and the creative license of multiple game masters, "my" campaign world today bears little (if any) resemblance to that storied land. If anything, "my" game world has become a parody of the World of Greyhawk.   So a few years ago I decided to fully-embrace the concept of a parody-world and I began recreating my world in that spirit. I doubt that I'll ever make my campaign world public, but I will be sharing much of my home-brewed, fully-custom content in the future.   My current RPG game and world building is focused on a highly-detailed local setting centered in and around my home-brew town of Newhome. I've been working on a battlemap-scale map of Newhome and surrounding area (above and below ground) that measures 2 miles x 1 mile. It's a very large file.   My other major world building project is converting our RPG game from AD&D 2e over to the 4th edition of GURPS. This has involved the converting of many characters, spells, items, and creatures. And while that's been a massive bit of work, it's also given me the opportunity to remake the world and setting into something that's got a very different flavor and feel.   In the Foreward of the 1980 World of Greyhawk Folio Allen Hammack wrote:  

The World of Greyhawk is yours, now - yours to do with as you wish. You can mold new states out of old or inflame ancient rivalries into open warfare as you tailor the world to suit the needs of your players. The time has come for new legends to be created, new battles to be fought, new songs to be sung. It is your world - and welcome to it!
  My gaming buddies and I have certainly taken that advice to heart!