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The Third World War

A timeline of the third global war, between savants and mechs.

  • 2121 C.E.


    Detroit Three Defeated

    The Detroit Big Three Transpomakers, run by a savant generations descended from Henry Ford himself, believed that the next advance in technology would be located in the sky. They clashed with Mirabel Industries early in the Tech War, and suffered a crushing defeat by the mech armies, freezing vehicular innovation for centuries. Before the War: A Brief History of pre-WWIII America

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  • 2129 C.E.

    2148 C.E.

    Third World War
    Military action

    The Tech War spreads to the rest of the worlds and becomes The Third World War Third World War or "The Third".   It ends when Anderius Charger is killed.   The USA becomes the The United Corporate Cities of America or UCCA. The Uninhabitable Wastes are created, and 8 billion people have been killed.

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  • 2145 C.E.

    The Battle of Zombie Field
    Military action

    Fletcher Cunningham, one of Mara's's anscestors, celebrates a great victory for the Charger Militia over the Mirabel Industries army, at what was forever after called Zombie Field.   "Cunningham’s squad stood now, sprinting helter-skelter over the dead and dying, closing the distance to the next line. The setting sun was now just a sliver behind them, turning Fletcher’s wildly gesturing, stumbling soldiers into shadowy, inhuman shapes for any who braved a glance.   When they had gone several hundred yards, they again threw themselves into the mire, harassing the next line of Mirabels in a similar fashion. The enemy forces broke apart, their organized pursuit devolving into chaos. Panic ensued with some soldiers running toward Fletcher and his crew, only to fall to SA rifles like all the rest.   Then, with a mighty, collective yell, his squad erupted from the dead earth, ripping through the remaining soldiers with no mercy or quarter. Swallowed by the sea of bodies, soldier after soldier succumbed to the same fate as their compatriots. Any who managed to survive, fled as if the dead were after them— pursued only by feral howls and the ghostly death rattle of their lost comrades."   Mara's memory of The Battle of Zombie Field.

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  • 2148 C.E.


    Joanna Greysoft's Lab is Destroyed
    Disaster / Destruction
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