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Mirabel Industries

Mirabel Industries was the first corporation to create a cybernetic prosthetic. In 2037, they created a cybernetic arm for the victim of a shark attack. After this the types of cybernetics grew rapidly as they created better and better prosthetics out of need. Soon, they were allowing elective amputations for replacement with cybernetic limbs.   They were one of the instigators of WWIII when they tried to buy up Greysoft Labs, but were repeatedly turned down.   Logo is 3 geometric shapes connected to look like a circuit board.


After WWIII, Mirabel had been crippled financially. They'd also lost many of their people and resources. They experienced a slow decline into irrelevance and were eventually bought by Lightbar Industries which was in turn bought by HumanSource.

C.E. 2030 - ~C.E. 2110

Corporation, Medical
Successor Organization


Working toward opposite ends of the same goal: To make humans better than before. Greysoft worked on the biological front and Mirabel worked on the technological front. They believed the other to be doing it the wrong way.


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