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Greysoft Laboratories

Founded by Arthur Greysoft in 2020 as a genetic research and testing facility. They created a gene-manipulation response to the cybernetic trend in 2042, with the discovery of a mutated gene that could give humans more refined senses.   The last heir to the Greysoft research, Joanna Greysoft, ended up nuking herself and her research during WWIII to prevent Mirabel Industries from getting it.   "Greysoft Labs had been manipulating DNA for decades when in 2042, they stumbled upon something magnificent. Suddenly, all those comic book heroes were coming into a life of possibilities. Who wouldn’t want to be Superman, Wonder Woman or Professor X? The first gene mods, however, fell far short of expectations. Nevertheless, they still made the Neo-Luddites marginally stronger, faster and more intuitive than their human counterparts. All without a single screw or PVC tube." Before the War: A Brief History of Pre-WWIII America

2020 - 2148

Research, Medical
Alternative Names
Greysoft Labs


Working toward opposite ends of the same goal: To make humans better than before. Greysoft worked on the biological front and Mirabel worked on the technological front. They believed the other to be doing it the wrong way.


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