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Makuro Worm Infestation

The silk production in Ghynzua has always been very important for the empire. So when the Makuro who produce the silk started showing sings of a devastating illness about ten years ago researchers where quickly called to the makuro farm in northern Ghynzua. The cause and a cure had to be found as soon as possible.


With the help of specialist from the Ippah Medical Foundation & University it was discovered that the makuro's where suffering from parasites. More precisely a type of worms that find their way into their bodies if they manage to get into the food the makuro's eat. This can be the food they are fed or anything they catch themselves.


Infected makuro's suffer from restlessness, spinning unusual amounts of silk, spreading an unusual sweet odor, drooling, and a white sticky mass around the mouth. What is more important is that the parasites somehow paralyze the makuro's mouthparts and fangs. This prevents the creature from cleaning itself, catching its prey and makes feeding impossible.


A cure for the makuro worm infestation has only recently been discovered. Hira Osu proved to be a very good remedy. Its antimicrobial properties have long been known, but only thanks to the infestation of the makuro's was the discovery made that it also works wonders against most kinds of parasitic worms. Both in animals and in humans. Due to the importance of the makuro's for the silk trade of Ghynzua it speaks for itself that this kind of infestation must be dealt with as quickly as possible.


The first step in battling this infestation, and preventing its spread over the entire population, is making sure sick makuro's are identified early on. Keepers are constantly on the look out for these signs. They will then sedate and capture the makuro to transport it to a seperate enclosure where it can be kept in quarantaine until cured or until it succumbs to the infestation.


The most tricky part about treating the infestation is risk assessment. While they are ill and partly paralyzed by the worms the makuro's will be fairly harmless for their keepers. They can not attack or poison them. But once they get better they can. The best results for curing a sick makuro is done by putting Hira Osu in their food. It is often very difficult however for them to eat so their keepers will have to use a big fork on a long wooden stick to put the food directly into the makuro's mouth. A second treatment is done by using a distillation of hira osu to wash away the white sticky mass from their mouth parts. Again this is done with tools on a long wooden stick so the keepers do not need to touch the makuro directly. They still do need to get up close and personal with these gigantic creatures though if they want to threat them in the best way possible.
Affected Species

Species | Oct 10, 2021

Giant spiders bred for the silk produced from their webs.

It is one of the worst things to happen to you as a keeper when one of your makuro's suddenly becomes ill. I have looked after Avy for over fourteen years. I watched her grow from a small spiderling to a gigantic beast with a mind set on murder. Yet today she sits there in her enclosure and doesn't even try to eat me. I had to force the food into her mouth and even then she struggled to swallow it. She didn't even care when I came closer to wash of that white gunk on her face. I swear though she looked at me with those eight eyes and I saw gratitude in them. I really hope she pulls through.
— Ghuyo Tcho, Makuro keeper

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