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Hira Osu


Hira osu is a succulent plant native to the Southern Sand Plains of Ghynzua. It is a short-stemmed plant growing in large rosettes, about 50 - 80 cm tall. The leaves are grey-green, thick and fleshy. They have sharp, spiked edges to discourage predators from eating the plant or using it as a source of water. During summer the plant produces coral red flowers. They grow on a spike up to 150 cm tall and blooms for several months. The plant reproduces by forming pups (offsets) from runners. One plant can easily form hundreds of pups over the course of it's life. When cultivated these pups are carefully separated from the mother plant to be replanted on a more appropriate spot.


Hira osu naturaly grows in abundance near the lakes and springs of various oases in the Southern Sand Plains of Ghynzua. Thanks to human care the production of hira osu has become ten to fifteen times higher than what could be expected if the plants would be left unattended. Elsawu Oasis is one of the largest suppliers of hira osu.

Medicinal Uses

The plant has been cultivated for medicinal purposes since ancient times. Its leaves contain a sap that has strong antimicrobial properties. Some people buy the raw leaves to make their own house remedies. But those less gifted in medicine making can buy various salves, powders, potions, and such on markets throughout the Empire. Hira osu is not readily available outside of Ghynzua. Export is heavily restricted. However one exception has been made by the ghynzuan government. The Ippah Medical Foundation & University has been given permission to buy a restricted amount of hira osu on a regular basis.
Succulent   Average Height
50 - 80 cm   Reproduction

Hira Osu Tea

For thousands of years the flower petals of hira osu have been used to make an aromatic naturally sweet tea. Over the years the tea has become so popular by the traveling caravans along the Dream Road that some oasis settlements barely manage to keep up with the demand.


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