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Summer Camp 2023 Reading Challenge

Prompt 1: A useful plant found in a wild area of your world

As someone who is a big fan of orchids, I just had to read all of the orchid articles.  

Article #1 Rimward Orchid

  This was a beautifully written article about an orchid with many potential benefits. I really like how various historic moments and mysteries were intertwined within the article and the small hint about a related species, Orchid Dryads, was really neat.  

Article #2 Triquetra Orchid

  This was a cool article about a special orchid that when distilled into a perfume can boost the magical abilities of the user. I'm always interested in different ways that various worlds magic can be used, enhanced, or originate from.  

Article #3 The Chrono Orchyd

  A great article that was very thorough and detailed. I like that this plant had magical powers. I try to have a mix of magical and mundane species in my world or at least hope to in the future.  

Article #4 Spirit Orchid

  This article was about a very unusual orchid with a strange and complex method of reproduction. I like that the author wasn't afraid to try something very different. I'm not sure that this would fit in my world but the process of trying something very different than the norm, I think should be explored in my world.      

Prompt 2: A "negative" condition that has hidden advantages

Although I love the conditions articles, I was not able to write one for summer camp. So I eagerly await reading about all of the various afflictions in this prompt.  

Article #1 Blackshroud Condition

  This was an interesting condition that takes away ones sight and replaces it with an ability to see magic only. It has a lot of possibilities and should be interesting to see how it affects the authors world.  

Article #2 Bioluminescence

  This was another curious condition, that causes the person to glow. Again there seems to be a world of potential with many interesting things, both good and bad, that could result from having this condition.  

Article #3 Mintworm Infection

  This was a great article that features a parasitic worm feeding on the host and giving the host special vision. I like the idea that this might be accidental or possibly a desired effect for the worm.  

Article #4 Jungle's Grasp

  A great article that is very detailed and thorough. This condition slowly and completely changes the afflicted into an unrecognizable creature. It was very interesting and has many possibilities for the authors world.      

Prompt 3: An unclaimed, unregulated, or lawless region in your setting

I chose this prompt because there are so many locations that I need to develop in my world. I am supercurious to see what other peoples locations are like and how they are written.  

Article #1 Icewraith Expanse

  This was a cool article about a desolate and frozen area with a lot of possibilities. I have yet to do any frozen locations, but they are definitely on the to do list.  

Article #2 Voraland

  This article involved a cold island location with a mysterious tomb complex ruins. It seemed very mysterious and had a nice history that lent for further exploration.  

Article #3 The Northern White Forests

  This was another cold environment and seemed very lifelike and realistic. Exploration here would be harsh but manageable, and the article itself seemed closer to my style that some of the others so far.  

Article #4 Fangwood Jungle

  Here I seem to have deviated from the cold based locations and found a very interesting warm jungle location to explore. A terrific article that is very detailed and opens the door to many adventures within its leafy borders.    

The Future:

Summer Camp was great even though I wasn’t able to write too many articles this year, but that’s ok. I read a ton of the other articles and found great ideas, validation, and inspiration for the future among them. Before I can look to the future I must address this past year.   Ok so my New Year’s resolution was to try and expand my world, focus on elves for my articles, and fix up some older articles that I had run out of time on, particularly last year’s Summer Camp and Spooktober. I also had wanted to add more geographic regions and settlements, both in type and in number so that I’d have more homes for future articles. While I did do a little of each of those things, I definitely feel that I fell way short of those goals. Time has always been challenging for me and was certainly not my friend this year.   Despite all of that, reading this year’s summer camp articles has re-inspired me to continue on with my goals. I will have to battle time as always, but certainly look forward to the challenge. After reading the articles in the “an unclaimed, unregulated, or lawless region in your setting” prompt, I have many new ideas and think that I can get to them in Worldember if not sooner. I think that I need to focus on those in the long term and fix up the unfinished ones in the short term, barring whatever surprises we see in the September and Spooktober challenges. Many new ideas about plants, creatures, and conditions as well have popped into my mind.  Overall I really enjoy the whole thing, ups and downs included.


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