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Blackshroud Condition

Within the Umbrasol Basin, a rare and mysterious condition known as the Blackshroud bestows its unique gift upon a select few individuals. This affliction takes away the sense of sight and hearing, but in return, it grants an extraordinary ability to perceive magic and Luminal Radiance. Those touched by the Blackshroud possess an otherworldly sight that can penetrate even the most impenetrable barriers, making them invaluable assets to those who can harness their unique abilities.

The Condition

The Blackshroud is a condition that affects only a handful of individuals across the basin. It manifests in early childhood, and those who suffer from it experience a gradual loss of vision and hearing. Their world descends into darkness and silence, leaving them with heightened reliance on their other senses. The cause of the Blackshroud remains a mystery, and there is no known cure for this enigmatic condition.

The Sight

However, the Blackshroud bestows a curious and extraordinary compensation. Despite their loss of sight and hearing, those afflicted gain the ability to perceive magic in a way that others cannot comprehend. They see luminal radiance, the ethereal glow that emanates from magical phenomena and enchantments. Even through physical barriers and cloaks of invisibility, those touched by the Blackshroud can peer into the magical realm.
This unique ability has the potential to make them exceptional spies, able to discern hidden enchantments and illusions that would elude others. They become living conduits of magical awareness, sensing the ebb and flow of arcane energies that permeate their surroundings. However, harnessing this gift effectively requires careful training and guidance.
Currently, those without the Blackshroud condition are unaware of this extraordinary ability that the afflicted possess. The existence of this condition and its implications remain hidden in the shadows, known only to a select few who are trusted with this closely guarded secret. To the rest of the world, those touched by the Blackshroud are simply considered to be blind and deaf, their unique gift veiled behind a cloak of darkness.


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Aug 8, 2023 23:19 by Mikey Stevens

I like the respectful way the people in your world refer to this condition - naming it for the experience of it, rather than the impact on one's life. The idea of The Sight is particularly awesome, in my mind I imagined them 'seeing' magic as bursts of colour in an otherwise black void, similar to when Reme eats food in Disney's Ratatouille!

Aug 9, 2023 13:31 by Matthew Lloyd

Thanks for enjoying the article! I think that each individual has their own unique way of 'seeing' with it not always being visual. I like to think that its a side affect of the condition making one or more of their senses being able to detect magic

Aug 24, 2023 18:57 by Domenick DeMaria

A very interesting condition to have in a magical world, cool. I wonder what organizations would collect and harness the afflicted individuals and to what purposes and if there are any famous people to have this condition.