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Voraland (Vor-a-land)

This is a large island some distance off the northwest coast of the continent. The coast of the island is generally very hostile looking with high sea cliffs, sand bars and jagged rocks making most approach routes extremely hazardous. There are a few gaps in the sea cliffs that have allowed small natural harbors to form. These harbors are often very hard to detect from any distance as they are concealed by rock headlands The interior of this island includes a windswept and mainly treeless plain covering much of the south. Ravines cut by small rivers running from the island's northern mountains cut deeply into the plain and are one of the few places trees will be found on the southern part of the island. The northern part of the island is very mountainous with some peaks reaching as high as 12000-14000 feet. This area contains several volcanos and areas of geothermal activity. Many of the sheltered valleys in this region are thickly forested with evergreens. These areas also contains a number of small alpine lakes. The north coast of the island is continually expanding thanks to lava flows from several volcanoes in this region. The mountains of the island are generally snowcapped all year round.


The island's most prominent feature is Mount Kronen, a volcano standing more than 14,000 feet tall overlooking the north coast of the island. Much of the coast is bordered by sea cliffs ranging from 100'-300' in height.  In some areas beaches can be found at the foot of the cliffs wither taking the form of pebble shingles or black volcanic sand.  In several locations spectacular waterfalls comedown from the cliffs marking where the island's rivers meet the sea.  Most river originate in the northern mountains, run across the plains and flow into the sea along the southcoast.  The islands is seismically active with it multiple volcanos triggering freqnt small eathquakes.  Lavafields and boulders are a reqent site near the foor of the northern mountains.  This area also contains several thermal springs that provide a source of water that does not freeze over during the long winter.


The plains region of the island is home to a considerable herd of reindeer, polar bears and snow lions.  The mountain lakes and the island rivers have rich fish populations. During the warmer months the plains spawn brillant patches of wildflowers and thickets of berry bushes provide food for much of the animal life.  During the winter thick snow blankets the island forcing many of the larger animal to hibernate.

Localized Phenomena

Periodically one of the more southerly volcanos, Mount Irdin belches out a toxic cloud that will drift onto the plain threatening death and destruction to any creature in its path.


The island has a cool, sub-artic climate with heavy precipitation during the spring and fall. During the winter it is dryer, but the snow falls and piles up without melting significantly until spring.  During the summer the island is dryer with periodic rainstorms, especially in the mountains.


The island has been for centuries and the water around it have developed a reputation as a rich but hazardous fishing ground.  Over the years various fisherfolk and seamen have ended up being stranded on the island's inhospitable shores.  Some outlaws have deliberately fled her to avoid the reach of the law of the northern kingdoms.  Virtually all of these people either have fallen victim to the island's harsh conditions or have managed to escape the island within a few months.  Some hundred and fifty years ago a scholar from Armahan, named Ugaras deliberately spent two years on the island during which he extensively mapped its lands and named many of its prominent features.  Ugaras' written account of his exploration states that he found what appeared to be a large tomb complex near the island's center.  Ugaras found the tomb comlex's entrance mainly block by a rockfall and was unable to document the complex beyond making some sketches and a written description of it's exterior.


There are a number of sea cpatain who will take them you to the island if you wish to go there and the price is right, but their first question will always be "why would you want to go there?"
Alternative Name(s)
Winter Island


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This is a cool setting with a lot of potential. I wonder if there are any guardians for the tomb complex and what might be buried inside. Treasures no doubt.