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Archivist Gabriel

Welcome to Divine Tyranny! In a world where all-powerful gods live among mortals and play with their life for their own entertainment, Archivist Cécile is doing her best to go unnoticed. Unfortunately, the warring water and forging gods are now interested in the archives... Come read about Cécile and the world in which she lives!
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The current archivist lading the royal archives in the capital, and one of the main advisers of the court.  
Gabriel is an ambitious man. He also has the drive to put in the work to achieve those ambitions. Even as a young man, he quickly managed to gain the skills to pass the entrance exams of the archivists and joined the prestigious royal archives. However, his family is from the low nobility, just like mine, and thus didn't have enough influence to allow for a quick rise through the rank. For that, Gabriel needed a plan.   In order to quickly ascertain his influence, he wrote the first archival review of the Pollution War. With how recent—and unfinished—the war is and how high the tensions are among the water god and forging god and their Churches, no other archivists had dared to do more than write completely factual accounts. But this work was still not enough for Gabriel, and he used it to gain influence at court by being the only one daring to speak openly of the war and by presenting himself as the only competent source of advice on the subject. As expected, this won him an audience with the king. His charm did the rest, and before long he was the favoured archivist of the royal family and most of the court.

Opinion from the Archives

Gabriel has attempted to be gracious in victory and to treat his fellow archivists with politeness, if not a certain degree of obnoxious condescension. So long as everyone know their places—below him, of course —he can be a charming and helpful colleague. He is certainly one of the most bearable archivists with whom to work.   The only question now is how having his single historical viewpoint as a reference about the war has influenced our kingdom's view of it. I have myself not studied the primary sources too closely—getting involved in the still ongoing war is the last thing anyone with sense would want. However, it's obvious that presenting the war as "environment versus industrialisation" is a gross oversimplification. What is true is that despite their advantages, the activities of the forging god's alchemy and manufactures have resulted in a high amount of pollution. However, my family has always been aligned with our Lord the water god and have contributed many priests to his Church. This allows me to say that our Lord does not stand for stagnation against progress and for anti-technology, as attested by his irrigation infrastructure and his gifts to his followers.   I don't know what Gabriel's plans are and which side he is truly on, but whatever game he is playing is bound to be a dangerous one—and I want nothing to do with it.
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Aug 14, 2022 09:52

but whatever game he is playing is bound to be a dangerous one—and I want nothing to do with it.
  And Cecile is still the smartest person in the setting. Great article, still loving the snark

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