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The Fox and the Orchardman

It was a fine, warm, early October morning. The trees around Appleton were loaded with ripe apples ready to be picked and sent to market and to Appleton Chateau to be fermented into Derkomai's best Applewine. Tom Fitzgerald worked through the orchard, making sure the heavily laden branches were supported. It was hot, strenuous work, so Tom took his shirt off and tied it around his waist. No sense it getting it all sweaty and giving Elizabeth more laundry to deal with.

Nanoue Joywei Rei watched a Human man from a little distance, stalking him as he worked in the apple orchard, hiding in the tall grass under the trees. He was tall, ruggedly built, with dark wavy hair. He looked so... delicious, and she knew then and there that she just had to have him. She wanted him. All of him. Finding a good place in some soft grass under a tree, she shifted to her human form. She made sure her thin dress was arranged just so.

Just around noon, as he was taking a break for lunch, Tom heard a woman crying weakly, "Help me. Please, someone, help me." It sounded like she wasn't too far away. Tom thought, "Why in Valamarashe's name would a woman be out here by herself? Sounds like she needs some help, anyway. I'd better find out what's going on. The Baron would have my head if I just left her." He wrapped up his meal, put it into his lunchbox, and headed in the direction of the woman's cries.

Miki watched as the handsome man approached her. He was so adorable with an apprehensive, puzzled look on his face, like a little boy. A thrill went through her body, and she shivered a little in anticipation. She had to control herself, though. She needed a plausible story, or she'd scare him off. As he got near, she said, feigning weakness, "Oh, thank the heavens! I've hurt myself so badly!"

As Tom got near to where the cries were coming from, he saw a young, blond woman laying in the grass under an apple tree. She was wearing a thin, white, disheveled dress, leaving her partially uncovered. She was incredibly beautiful - the most beautiful woman Tom had ever seen. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, and he felt his body arousing. She had long blond hair, deep blue eyes, long legs, with a firm, full bust, and thin waist. He quickly averted his eyes and said, "Uh, hello. Sorry! I heard you calling for some help, so I came over."

Miki pretended to notice that she was exposed, and quickly covered herself, saying, "Oh! I'm so embarrassed! You weren't supposed to see that!" Tom said, "Oh, uh, well. It's okay. I don't mind. Just don't tell my wife." He laughed a little, nervously. She said with a hint of a smile, "Don't worry, I won't tell. It's just you and I out here anyway." Then she said, "If you don't mind, could you look at my knee? I think I twisted it when I tripped and fell. It hurts so much!" She sniffled a little, like she was about to cry. Tom said, "Oh. Well, sure, I guess. I'm no doctor, but I can check to see if it's swollen or whatever. By the way, my name is Tom. Tom Fitzgerald." Miki replied, "Thank you for rescuing me, Tom! You're so wonderful! People usually call me Miki." She pulled the hem of her dress up well past her knees, revealing perfect legs and flawless, pale skin. She said, "Maybe you can feel if it is swollen or dislocated or something. It's so painful!"

Tom said, "Well, okay. Which knee is it?" Neither looked swollen at all. Miki said, "It's my right knee. Can you help me sit up?" Tom knelt down and took her by the hand to help her sit up. Her thin dress wasn't leaving much to his imagination, and his body was reacting to her. He felt a little drunk, and Miki knew he was hers.

As Tom touched her leg, he felt hot all over. He tried to pull himself together, "So, why were you way out here in the orchards by yourself, anyway? It's a little dangerous, you know, to be out here alone. It's a good thing I heard you calling!" Miki said, "Oh, Tom. It's so sweet of you to be concerned about me! So, I'm actually from Southport, and I went to the Applewine Inn for the first time today. I heard the Applewine there is the best, and I'm afraid I had a little too much to drink, so I decided to go for a walk to clear my head. Someone told me that the orchards are really beautiful, so I came out here, and I got a little lost." She sniffled again. "Then I tripped and twisted my knee so hard!" She gave a couple of little sobs. "I'm so grateful that you found me!" He said, "Yeah, I'm really grateful, too. Your knee seems okay. I'm glad you aren't hurt too bad." Miki said, "Tom, your hands are so warm. They make my knee feel so much better! Maybe you could massage it for a bit, please?" She looked pleadingly into his eyes. He'd never seen such beautiful eyes in his life. He felt like he was going to drown in them. He shook himself. "Um. Okay. I think you're not hurt too bad. It doesn't feel swollen or anything." Tom, on the other hand, was very swollen. He started massaging her calf, knee, and thigh. She said, "Oh, that feels so good, Tom. I would love it if you massaged my other leg, too. Please." She gave a little moan of pleasure. Her body was so ready. After awhile, Tom tried to clear his head, and said, "Miki, I should get about my job. Let me help you up and get you back to the Applewine Inn. Ravn can get you some help." Tom helped her get to her feet. She pouted a little and said, "No, Tom, I don't want to go! You're the most warm and loving man I've ever met! I'm so grateful that you found me and helped me. How can I repay you? I will do anything for you." He started to reply, but then she pretended to cry out in pain and fell against him. He caught her, and she pressed herself into him, embracing him tightly. He felt her softness and warmth against his chest and loins. Her body fit his perfectly. She said, "Oh, Tom, you've caught me. What will I do? I'm yours now." She kissed him. Tom's mind was overwhelmed, and he lowered her down to the soft grass.

Sometime later, Tom awoke. The sun was setting in the orchard. Tom wanted her again, desperately, but Miki was nowhere to be seen. A short distance away, a little fox was sleeping contentedly under an apple tree.
Miki Rei (Nanoue Joywei Rei)
Miki Rei (Nanoue Joywei Rei) by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Tom Fitzgerald
Tom Fitzgerald by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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