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A Message Received and a Message Sent

At twilight, Zemiria Aelriat'Alierma entered the village of Bree. She must complete her assigned task, to kill the round-ear woman known as Linda Ericsson, or herself die in the attempt.   Slithering her way through the twilight as few besides a trained Shadow of The Night of Apopshe are able, Zemiria spotted the Shadowmark on the ornate Bree Druikminster. A small string was tied on the branch of a tree outside the building, arranged to look like it had been caught there, blown by a random gust of wind. The string was tied double, with another small red string tied at the upper end. The branch had a small cut in the bark just below where the string was tied. This was the place. The Shadowmark sign meant, "Kill the red-haired woman in this building."   Shadow Zemiria crept into the building utterly silently and drew her assassin's blade. Fortunately, she found the red-haired round-ear woman at the altar of the Druikminster, kneeling in meditation, her minister's robes draped over her shoulders. In one swift motion, she drove the blade into the woman's spine at the base of her skull, instantly paralyzing and killing her. It was the perfect assassin's strike. Her mother and aunt would be proud of her skill and technique! As instructed, she slipped a piece of paper bearing the mark of The Night of Apopshe into the pocket of round-ear woman's robes. Then she left the building as silently as she had entered.   As she exited, she saw another red-haired woman wearing dark clothes watching from the shadows. Momentarily confused, she thought she may have killed the wrong person, but by her dress, it was clear that the woman was not a minister of the Druikminster. In fact, she looked like she might be a capable fighter. Engaging the woman had no advantages, and she had accomplished her mission, so Zemiria fled. The journey back to Isolabirre was long, and she was eager for her affirmation.
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Zemiria Aelriat'alierma, Aelriat of House Alierma and Shadow of The Night of Apopshe
Linda Erisson, assistant minister of the Bree Druikminster
Dorrie Lightfoot Paine
Dorrie Lightfoot Paine by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Dorrie Lightfoot Paine

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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