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Bound Series
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Character Concept

What kind of character do you want to play?

Before you sit down to make a character, you should know a little bit about the setting. If you are already familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, and have begun to read either the Bound Series, Alpha Trilogy, or the Shadows Saga, you’re probably ready to get started. If not, you might want to skip ahead a bit in this wiki and read through the DMC's Organizations. It will give you an idea of what the Darkness Moon Chronciles can be like.   Now that you know more about the setting, you can start thinking about what kind of character you want to play. You’ll be making the two most important choices—your background and class—in steps 3 and 4 of character creation, but before you get there it’s a good idea to come up with a basic character concept. This can be quite broad to start; the process of character creation will help you focus it.

Table of Contents

When coming up with a character concept, remember that one of the conceits of the game is that your character begins as an unknown and struggling adventurer. You don’t get to start play as the crown prince or a senior enchanter. You have to earn your honors with deeds, and you can be sure there will be a price. So start thinking about who your character is and how they became an adventurer. Here are some example character concepts:  
  • A guttersnipe raised on the streets who’ll do anything to survive.
  • A free spirit who fled from an arranged marriage for a life of adventure.
  • A naïve farmer who wants to travel farther than 5 miles from where they were born.
  • The child of a disgraced knight who wants to return honor to the family name.
  • A cynical mercenary who trusts little but coin.
  • A seeker of forbidden knowledge who often acts before thinking.
  • An artist seeking inspiration in dark and dangerous places.
  • A refugee from a village that was sacked and destroyed.
  • A child of the forest more comfortable around animals than people.
  • The scion of a merchant family who wants more from life than ledger books.

Character Design

When designing a character for my campaigns, it's useful to have a somewhat fleshed out backstory. Listed below are optional questions to consider. Above all else remember the following golden rules and that the KT has to approve for the health of the game!  
Golden Rule 1
Keep your backstory flexible. It's good to have strong hooks and a compelling history, but it's also important to leave open space for the other players and KT to connect the overarching story to your character. Don't write a novel for your backstory but consider important bullet points that make you who you are!  
Golden Rule 2
Connect your character to the world. Your character probably didn't grow up secluded. Your family, place of birth and connections formed happened before the campaign begins. You don't need a resume but consider connections you may have to Darkness Moon Chronicles (a.k.a. DMC).  
Optional Character Questions
The following questions are meant to help jumpstart the creative process for your backstory.  
  • Where did your character come from? Consider your roots and how it shaped your character.
  • Who where your parents?
  • Where did you live?
  • What was your economic/social status?
  • What were the defining moments/events from your history?
  • What do they most fear?
  • Do you have any secrets? Who have you told, if anyone?
  • What's your profession and hobbies?
  • Do you have a religious affiliation, and if so what is it and how strong?
  • What is your major personal beliefs/ideologies?
  • Why are you here, specifically? Why are you an adventurer?

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