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Broken Bond Syndrome

The Quintesson scientists tried to expand upon Extempaxia's work with the Tailored Spark. Harnessing the cutaway portions of the spark and utilizing both parts ins separate Spark Chambers. This has proven to create a potential for Broken Bond syndrome.

Transmission & Vectors

When a pair of bots that have a Tailored Spark there is a potential for them to advance to Broken Bond Syndrome.


Their split apart spark normally begins to break down creating the Weary Spark condition that leads to death. But when the spark wasn't dissipated but put in another bot the two or more sections wish to reunite.


The best treatment is to keep the two half sparked bots together.


The two halves undergoing a Broken Bond begin unknowingly constantly attempting to head in the direction their other half spark exists. They are not zombie-like at first but if able will head towards the other. Ignoring orders but not threatening their or their other half's life.   Middle stages show both halves beginning to exhibit heightened aggressive means to return to the former. They begin to have thoughts being shared along with sensory inputs causing potential damage to either side due to the confusion   Final stages the two halves become fanatical to be reunited. They will take great risks to themselves and others. If this stage goes on for more than a solar cycle the bots will begin having blackout periods were their minds seem to become gestalt beings running both bodies at the same time but they mirror each other causing potential huge hazards.   There seems to be no stage after this as a half solar cycle of the gestalt being their sparks rupture the Spark Chamber and both bots bodies die.

Cultural Reception

Quintesson's seek to capitalize on the potential gains from the condition more than sooth its sufferer. More sadistic scientists powered a Komelon with one half and the pilot the other so they would never leave the other's presence.
Affected Species


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