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It was amazing. The design was beyond anything I had ever seen and the engineers had done a fantastic job putting it back together and finding a way to light it up. None of us actually knew what it did...not until Anson hit the button.   BOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!   Poor Anson...  
~File FXY2956--Classified

The Lake Ruins

On the Lake Stratum beyond the walls law the ruins of the old city. A name lost to history of a world long lost. The surface city used to be a place of exploration and wonder as well as dangers. The Kyren outlawed travel to the ruins over 100 years ago when it became a place for cultists to congregate. Only the Light Knights were allowed to enter to hunt them down. Even the Knights come back with stories of amazing things that they don't understand. They say the cultists are studying it and trying to use the things of the past.  

The Shout

The cultists have found or built a new weapon. Most aren't sure as the remnants are hard to examine. It seems unlikely to be designed to explode as they do so often, but they are very effective in hurting the Knights. The only warning is a loud shout that seems to come from the device a few moments before it explodes. The Knights call it the Shouter. The explosion is not like a magical blast, it seems unaffected by any anti-magic. It creates a sound burst that blasts everyone around it, even the cultist activating if they don't run fast enough.    The Blast hits everyone in about 30 feet although some reports say that can vary a little. Bits of metal will shoot out and hurt those in the area, but the worst if from the sound blast itself. Many of the lucky Knights only leave with a couple of broken bones. Some are left in serious pain and can not move. Others are instantly killed as their bones shatter and their heart explodes in their chest.   

Cultists Motivation

Although many feared that the cultists were trying to use the Shouters against the Knights and were planning on using them on the city at some point. Recent events have shown that to be untrue. The real intention of the Shouter was to use it on the Barrier at the edge of the ruins. This barrier was largely unknown to the rest of the city, but the cultists were trying to break free using the old devices in the ruins.

Cultist Research

The cults of the Lake seem to have found something in those ruins that works. No one is sure how or why, but several groups have been raided by the Knights holding some very unusual weapons and items. The Kyren requires these items be destroyed as heretical objects. One of these items have killed many Knights and may give them an advantage over the Knights.


The Barriers are magical walls that seem to surround the city at certain points. Many cults have revolved around the idea that this means the city is nothing but a prison preventing them from escape. These cults appear to be trying to break these Barriers, although the city leaders claim these barriers are here to protect the city.

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