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Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge



  • Selecting four prompts instead of three (inspired by Chris)
  • Selecting three or more one from each theme (inspired by Chris)
  • Selecting prompts I enjoyed writing
  • Selecting prompts I want to get better at writing
  • Not selecting an author more than once
  • Follow the world
  • Follow the Author
  • Have fun reading now that the Summer Camp deed is done

  •   I will be focusing on two character prompts, one organization prompts and the military conflict. I firmly believe that character prompts are the gateway to great stories. Think of your favorite book, television show or movie. It is the characters, their struggles their setbacks and triumphs that inspire us. You play characters in TTRPGs to become these great characters, the characters of which songs are written. Next followed by organizations which provide context to the characters and the military conflict which would normally not be my selection. The military conflict for this Summer Camp acted as a summary and important piece for my world setting.  


    Expanse Theme



    Α religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon  

    Just re-reading this article and I really enjoy this. I am happy to see the hierarchy and the details of a worshiped bound god by their cult and followers. Love the details of Vurleyar. Also love the connections in the sidebar to locations, the god Vurleyar and species.

    This is a reminder to let my articles grow beyond the articles, let them reach the other parts and pieces of my world. This is the difference between having an article in my world and having an article that is infused within the world.


    I really enjoyed reading your article and I love the fact they have a mission statement. This really helps to drive home the point of why they exist what their goals are and what guides them.

    This is a reminder to be specific about the aims and goals of an organization, give them a strong purpose and this will help flesh out the members of that organization.


    What an interesting article to read and a great presentation. You never fail to remind us and teach us how important the placement of quotes, snippets and images are to break up the flow of text within an article, especially one of size. Your ability to format is like a painter who effortlessly touches his brush down here and there leaving behind greatness. While your ability to format is second to your interesting and captivating stories. I also love the Read more... side bars.

    I hear the song, a song of formatting, a reminder of the importance of formatting with simple BBCode that can elevate the whole greater than its individual pieces.


    Leadership Theme


    Military Conflict

    A military conflict resolved through excellent leadership.
    I may have gotten carried away reading military conflicts as there were a lot of great articles, good luck judging those.  

    What a great article and I love that this conflict creates reveals that bring in the Merfolk and the Magi. Anyone seeing this should go read the Merfolk as well, so very interesting. Also I love that conflicts have high prices as seen throughout this article and I love the embedded characters.

    This is a reminder to keep your writing interesting and let it reveal a new bit of information. Let it reveal links to the quiet or distant corners of your world.


    I love this world, this article, this conflict and this formatting. Its interesting, clean, and planned ... just really a work of art. The Breaking News scroll is genius! I absolutely love this line ...

  • Friction; the accumulation of countless small things that didn't go quite as they should, can never be fully accounted for.
  • This article screams for me to have a better and complete grasp of the larger and complete picture. I can only hope to reach this level of presentation in my writing.


    I love the mortal and celestial politics of this article as they snake an intertwine through ascension. The article is well written and interesting, the formatting and presentation is subtle and well blended.

    My take away is never underestimate the power of politics or the interesting stories they breed.


    Reading this article is like reading a great book report or a recap of season 1 in an excellent TV series. It is strong, large scale even affecting demigods and magic the very laws of the world. What a great environment for characters to move forward and poke how the world functions now as to what was always accepted is now turned on its head.

    This is a reminder for me to do the unexpected, to tinker with the fabric of things in the interest of great stories and great storytelling.


    Ok, as I was reading I was rooting for the underdog members of the now Tribal Confederacy with home territory advantage against the imperial bullies. The emperor got what he deserved. What a well presented interesting read. I also love the elegant formatting of your article and world.

    A reminder for me is solid straight forward writing, clean formatting and a great bundle.


    Discovery Theme



    an Explorer, Researcher or other character motivated by discovery

    I love seeing a detailed, interesting and funny dwarf. Funny who knew dwarves have a sense of humor. What a very detailed character, thank you.

    A reminder to let characters have a bit of humor and their moment in the spotlight. Why are they famous or why were they famous?


    I love hearing the characters speak to us using their words and thoughts in the article, well done. Love the deep connection to family shaping who he is.

    This is a reminder to let the article speak in the thoughts and voice of the character.


    It is great to see a Dwarf that is not bound to the typical forever life in clan and hold, someone with the spark to see the world. I love the detail of how her choice going against the norm has shaped her life.

    This is my reminder that not every hobbit has to be a burglar, not every elf a hunter and not every dwarf a blacksmith.


    Monstrous Theme



    A person considered villainous or monstrous.
    Ok, I also went overboard with the villains. I mean the bad-guy or monster of a series, saga or legend really defines the heroes. No one like lame bad guys.  

    Ok I may be biased with Vampires, I find vampires a very interesting and nuanced choice of writing and this article does not disappoint. An alliance between Elves and Vampires I can't look away! What an interesting character, interesting conflict and allies.

    Feed your characters the details, give why they make this choice or that choice.


    What a great introduction. It is pleasing to see an elf, and elves fill the roll of villain or monster for a change, and break the usual type-casting for them. Love all the connections to people, places and organizations.

    This is a great reminder for me to break from the usual, breakout of the type-casting. Let angels fall and let elves be bad guys. Some of your best and most interesting bad guys started good. The road to hell is paved with good intentions,


    The detail and nuance of the character, this monster is excellent. He is driven by his aims and a true believer of his purpose. I love this line ...

  • Tiberius Djanzer is, in some respects, a high-functioning sociopath.
  • A reminder for me to make the villains memorable, detailed and nuanced to help define the heroes.


    Oh my now we have a truly monstrous character, The Great Serpent, the Gluttonous God, The All-Devouring Demon. Right off the right I am interested and want to read this character. I love the sidebar links. I wonder, a quest to destroy the Sword of Everlasting Hunger sounds very interesting. I will be roaming and lurking more of this world.

    This is my reminder to lean into bad guys and make sure they are bad.


    One of the things I enjoy about the writing of Jaime Buckley - Wanted Hero is the bright and cheerful nature. Even when the bad guy is a true villain, a monster, even when he is hacking off your finger for being late on payment it is cheerful writing, a cheerful monster.

    This is a good reminder for me to write characters to their nature, aspirations, goals and flaws making them come to life.


    The Path Forward

    The path forward is about reflection of the past and the courage for the future. The Reading Challenge is one of the great examples of how World Anvil encourages you to move forward. I will continue to rub shoulders with the great writers of World Anvil while trying to focus more on soecific elements I want to expand.

    Continue Reading

    To read more of my Summer Camp or the Shadow War Across Creation see below.


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    Thanks for including my article!

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    My pleasure.

    Featured Articles in the Shadow War across Creation by Graylion

    22 Aug, 2022 20:09

    I am super flattered you chose to include Ironstone - and I see I was not the only one to write a dwarven explorer! <3

    Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
    22 Aug, 2022 23:19

    It was a delight and hard to choose having so much great writing.

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    I'm glad you liked my conflict article, and stoked you included in your wrap up. Thanks Graylion. :-)

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    My pleasure

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    I'm so thrilled you liked Operation War Dove! I was flattered to see it here, with such high praise. I hope you had a great Summercamp!

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    28 Aug, 2022 23:35

    I did and each year it gets better! May your quill never dry of ink, oh wait I mean you voice activated AI augmented holopad.

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