Rift Watchers

We are the vigilant eyes of Phaiyon, gazing into the unknown for threats to come. Our people survived one calamity, we must not let them fall to another.
— Kali
    Soon after The Great Shattering, peculiar portals were spotted all across the globe by survivors. They weren't paid any attention until their effects took hold. Not only did the rifts let creatures through, they could affect reality itself via distortion sickness.   An elven woman, Kali Uridi, first noted these rifts were a threat. She soon realized they weren't normal portals like those to her home in the Feywild. Wanting to keep the planet safe, she formed the Watchers with both study and protection in mind.    


  Rift Watchers have two main goals: keep Phaiyon safe from otherworldly threats and research the rifts to better understand them. They seek to find a way to close the portals permanently. Learning about this particular form of dimension travel or ways to utilize the rifts for benefits are bonus goals. Ensuring the now delicate world's survival is a must.    


  The main body is comprised of scientists with varying specialties. They range from physics and inter-planar travel to biology and how cells react to the distortion effects. Kali oversees the organization as a whole, but appointed a head researcher to lead and direct their studies.   There are smaller teams who work under the scientists. They are protectors who go on missions to save people from rift effects. These groups also handle any creatures that come through the rifts. Kali has the final say over whether to eradicate the beings or save them for further research.    


  Members carry out numerous jobs under strict supervision. Even a small mistake could mark another disaster for Phaiyon. Aside from learning how rifts work, there is research conducted on the best safety measures to take when one is inside an affected area. They wish to create PPE and other materials that can shield people from the distortion sickness.   Protectors take shifts patrolling the world for new portal sightings. Other groups are assigned to watching secured rifts for threats. They only act when creatures / effects pose immediate danger. Otherwise, they must observe and wait for further instructions.   Scientists are currently developing probes that can survive the rift effects. They wish to both utilize them for safer observation and to send through the portals to gather more data.    

Long Road Ahead

  This field of study is still a new concept. There is much to be learned and developed. The Watchers have yet to successfully close a reality rift. At best they've managed to slow down the progression of their effects. The common folk of Phaiyon fear something major may break through a portal if they're not quick enough.
Year 1
Post Shatter
Founded By
Kali Uridi

Notable Members

  • Callum Alton
  • Ophi Werther
  • Grindle Craggle

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    21 Aug, 2022 20:39

    I really enjoyed reading your article and I love the fact they have a mission statement. This really helps to drive home the point of why they exist what their goals are and what guides them.

    Featured Articles in the Shadow War across Creation by Graylion

    21 Aug, 2022 21:50

    Thank you! They are one of the first things I try to brainstorm when developing organizations when world building. It really does help keep you on track when fleshing things out when writing about them.

    22 Aug, 2022 15:27

    I like how The Great Shattering basically created a completely new scientific field. We'd need to start from scratch, inventing new measurement instruments and safety gear. Chances are, each plane on the other end of a portal has completely different effects, so results that work for one plane won't work for another. So labeling each plane and documenting their effects, it would start with a large amount of data collection :D Afterwards, scientists would likely specialize in specific planes.   "Learning about this particular form of dimension travel or ways to utilize the rifts for benefits are bonus goals." Personally, since the organization has the "very minor" mission statement of ensuring the world's survival, calling these "bonus goals" seems overly optimistic. Any benefits found by the research would be "happy accidents". Especially since the common folk's fear urges them to work as fast as possible, I'd imagine.   Definitely an organization with a lot of potential! Very interesting :)