The Procyvid, that is Pro-SIV-ud, is a rare and interesting specimen. I would love to find one so I could study it more closely
— A Mad Druid of the Order to his apprentice.

Basic Information


The Procyvid is a Corvid/Raccoon hybrid like creature. They have a total of six limbs, four legs and a pair of wings, with a dark colouring similar to that of a crow or raven. There are even a few brightly coloured variations from the jay side.
You know I wish I could describe one to an artist well enough to get a portrait. Alas I am at a loss for words to describe this magnificent beast
— Humble farmer to a travelling Bard, Gaullium

Genetics and Reproduction

The Procyvid mate for life and usually bear between 2 and 16 young in their lifetimes. They do not breed often usually only giving birth (well since they are egg bearing, laying eggs) twice with anywhere from one to eight eggs in a given clutch.(correct here)

Growth Rate & Stages

The Procyvid take about eight to ten year to mature fully, in the first two to three years they are earthbound and thus vulnerable. Once they achieve flight usually in the third to fourth year, they are awkward and ungainly. By the fifth year they have mastered the basics of flight though are not yet masters of the wing. Usually, by the time they are eight years old they are ready to leave the nest to find their own mates.(adjust wording) The older young of the Procyvid take over the protection duties of the younger clutch in order for the parents to spend more time gathering food for the family.

Ecology and Habitats

The Procyvid can be found in any temperate to subtropical forests, though they are rarely seen outside of the Fae Wilds which is their preferred habitat.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Although the Procyvid is omnivorous it does prefer to hunt its food or better yet drive off other hunters and steal their kills.

Biological Cycle

The Procyvid require a combination of elements in order to achieve fertility.(explain what elements are required ie natural, magical)

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Procyvid have very keen senses of both sight and smell and can find food from a distance of about twelve miles away through scent alone. They are rumoured to be able to manipulate tools and open doors.
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