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Cairn Balorng


Cairn Balorng is primarily an urban elf settlement. Most of which are the upperclass of the town.

Industry & Trade

The industries that can be found in Cairn Balorng are leatherworking, whitesmithing, potters, and jewellers. This is because the elves of the city love their pretties. The craftsfolk need to take their wares to the Enlightened district to sell to the elves. Elves consider everyone not an elf to be beneath their notice unless they are selling something the elf wants.


There are three primary districts in Cairn Balorng, the Enlightened district, the Menial district, and the Hospitality district. The people who work in each district live in the designated district. This means that the elves live in the enlightened district as they considered themselves to be enlightened above every one else.  
  The Enlightened district holds the library, courthouse, town hall, and banks. The trade square is also located in this district.
  The Menial district is where you can find all the productive trades. This is the largest of the districts but also the least visited.
  The Hospitality disctrict is where you will find the inns, taverns, and apothecaries. In fact anything that deals with hospitality and customer service is found here.

Guilds and Factions

The town is split along the lines of elves and everyone else.


Cairn Balorng was one of the first settlements to be founded after the Crossing. It could be a large city if the elves weren't so haughty to their fellow citizens causing them to pack up and move to other locations.

Points of interest

The only true points of interest within the confines for Cairn Balorng are the library and the gardens.
Large town
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