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Wyverns, appearing to be closely related to Dragons, are more beast-like than their suspected evolutionary kin. They're most famous for being menaces in ages of myth, and fearsome mounts flying into battle during the Adrakian Empire's reign over Soplas.
Wyverns weren't commonly seen outside of flight formations of the Empire, but the civilians around them are dressed as the higher ranks of the Empire would be dressed, even while the beasts were burdened with items of value as well. This imagery suggests wyverns were both a beast of war, and carriers of people or trade important to the Empire.

Basic Information


Wyverns are depicted as approximately the size of large draft horses, based on the images of Humans and Elves seen to be riding them. Two skeletal remains have been found and arranged University of Tormyra's entrance hall, though complete sets are rare.
Wyverns are depicted as looking like dragons with wings in place of forelegs, and only their hindlegs. Their skeletons, however, show wyverns as only reaching the largest size of an older dragon wyrmling, though their wings appear to grow as they age, even after reaching their largest in body.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Wyverns had been used as flight-transportation and in aerial combat. Based on the remaining imagery of wyverns, it is suggested they were used to fly the nobility of theAdrakian Empire from one end of the empire to the other in a matter of days rather than the months it would take to travel on land.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

According to the ancient records, wyverns are capable of learning basic commands, as well as conveying basic information.  
We can't be sure of exactly how much a wyvern understands, seeing as they're all dead these days, but it's depicted that wyverns had some way to write, suggesting they were incapable of speech. We think they could potentially learn to communicate at the level of a young human child, but with the understanding of an older human child. We think. Zyrian would likely send champions at us if we hired anyone to bring someone from the Adrakian Empire back.
University of Tormyra's Gracia Justan
Genetic Descendants
Conservation Status
Presumed Extinct with the end of the Adrakian Empire.

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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