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The World Dreamer

The Sleeping Deity, The Dreaming Creation and Distruction

The World Dreamer is a product of a generally deluded group who believe the whole world is a mere dream of another being who created the world and everything of the world. The evidence the group used to support their ridiculous claim from ancient ruins in Tormyra depicting a large sleeping figure with buildings on their head. The evidence disproving the World Dreamer is everywhere, as the gods of our world touch and influence the world.
She is a memory of a dream we barely remember. She is our world. Take a dream, turn it into a nightmare, then turn the nightmare into something less likely to wake up, until you do wake up, and then try to remember the dream after you've forgotten it.   We do not know what becomes of us should she awaken, however - we may in turn become her forgotten dreams, or thrown into the stars.

Divine Domains

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The few who believe in her existence tend to identify each other by an image of a closed eye with stylized flowers. The symbol seems to be the only consistent one, though some believers pair the eye with seven-clawed hand or a cluster of five stars.  


The dream-figures seem to celebrate when rifts close on the surface of the dreamscape, though reports are inconsistent as to what the celebration methods are. The written descriptions of believers on Corive include some rituals to try closing the rifts and ravines scarring the Soplas subcontinent and other places beyond.

Tenets of Faith

The world is a Dream

To survive is to keep Her Asleep

Peace, Cooperation, Celebration

Every quake under our feet, every war,

Brings Her closer to Waking

And our living dreams to a broken End.

- abandoned scroll
Divine Classification
Hypothesized Deity
Current Location
Date of Birth
Before The Beginning of Time

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Her worshippers do not name an aspiration for their deity, but rather, their own aspirations towards keeping her Asleep as they believe Corive would cease to exist when she finally Awakens. It is believed she returns to sleep after each time she awakens, weeping until her breath eases once more.

Physical Description

She is typically described as being asleep by Dream Chasers and the Dream Haunted who report of their beliefs about her. Some believers claim the low band of stars reaching from horizon to horizon is her hair or an arm. A cluster of five stars are believed to be the reflection off her finger tips.   In contrast, doubters insist the stars are collections of souls the Gods have gathered, or spheres of light placed into the night to keep the inhabitants of Corive from feeling alone in the world, or any multitude of responses from myths, legends, and religious teaching. The doubters generally indicate the actions of the Gods as proof the Dreamer does not exist and the inconsistent nature of dreams becomes evidence against her when compared to the logic of Corive.  
I have no idea what that guy was preaching about. I am the dreamer, I'm real. The dreams are the dreams - not here, unfortunately. I'd make a lot of things disappear if I could.
— Dream Chaser

Facial Features

The Dreamers say there is a mountain range for what would look like a face. Well, the ones who can hold a conversation we can understand say so at least. They disagree on where. I tried to draw from their description, but I can't help but admit I am mortal and fall short of describing the abstract. Another artist took my words and painted her with more grace and skill - I think he is one of Us Who Believe.

Body Features

She's the soil we walked upon. Her hair, the oceans and the skies. The softest breeze is proof of Sleep.

- scraps of a poem


It is said she dreams of worlds, and those stories have hinted Corive is far from the first or the last world dreamed into being. Supposedly every living being has a mirror in the Plane of Dreams, and the more distorted inhabitants have little to no memory of their Waking mirror. Those who believe in previous worlds believe the Dreamers are inhabitants of those lost worlds from previous dreams who survived a Waking Dreamer.

Cover image: by Oscar
Character Portrait image: The World Dreamer by Oscar


Author's Notes

Background art by: Oscar

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