The Plane of Dreams

Dreams are like clouds, and can shift just as easily.
Dream chasers claim the Dreams are consistent in their inconsistency until the chaser has grown strong enough to control the dreams. Across Soplas, languages, and cultures, chasers have reported a consistent description of the realm for the skeptical scholar to find some hints of truth among the delirious stories.   None have yet managed to physically reach the dreamlands, though some ruins, such as Ruins Number 34, in Tormyra suggest there may be a way to reach it through some kind of gate. The gates are depicted in those ruins as being destroyed by a powerful being, but the mural depictions could be just as easily explained as a kingdom fighting enemies who had teleported from elsewhere.  
The realm of dreams, once one is able to actively control their dreams, has hills and valleys rolling across and expanse of stars and clouds reaching out to the end of sight. There are no moons to give a sense of night, but the stars are plentiful enough to give the realm a gentle glow when the land itself doesn't return enough light.
You ever see the night after a snowfall when everything is still? The clouds clear off or give the moons a soft veil? It's that kind of glow the night snow gives, that the dreams have.
Most of the dreams have impressionable shapes of things and beings found when awake. Strange hybrids of trees, or people just outside of the realm of 'looking right' populate it. When spoken to by Chasers, who haven't lost themselves entirely to the dream, the figures speak in a multitude of accents and languages though the dreaming person understands every word and meaning spoken.   The people of the plane demonstrate unusual powers, though having an individual repeat an ability seems to be met with disappointment. It is believed the dream people forget how to activate such abilities like a person waking in the morning.
Dreams are powerful, you can create a whole world without realizing it, and it is destroyed when you open your eyes. You can be king, you can be a villain - the world is yours.
  Chasers claim a dreaming person could form the ever present shadowy mist along the ground and shape it into whatever they feel like, though sometimes the dream creations come to life and speak back.   It is believed the more nightmarish figures in dreams are the mishapen beings created by others or by the person having the dream  
"What if the world we live in, is the dream of another being?"
"I think you're a little too deep with the tranqs, and I shouldn't give you alcohol. The gods are real and are a force in our lives, not dream figures."
There are some who believe the Plane of Dreams is a person, though these stories are often met with ridicule and disbelief. A few whisper of a World-Dreamer in the dream lands, though the inhabitants do not speak of the figure directly.

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