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Dream Chasing

Dream away, Dream away, at least there I have control ~
— Fragment found in the old Slave Jails in Oestopti City
Dream chasing is caused from over indulgence when drinking sleeping draughts, potions said to grant their drinker the ability to fall asleep quickly. The more one drinks, the more control the drinker has over their dreams.
"For when sleep is hard to reach, take this. But I can't make it too much."
"Why not?"
"People waste away in their sleep if they take too much, or drink this too often."


The process of making the potion allows for the chemicals to connect the drinker's dreams to their memories. Dreams are connected to the Plane of Dreams, but by connecting the drinker's memories into the plane, the potion allows the drinker to control their dreams.
"The Dreams? The Dreaming is the honey after-taste to every sweetroll. It's the bitter sick taste of illness. In the end, it is everything you want, but everything you fear, and yet the world changes to suit your very thoughts. You can be a king, you can be the villain. The only thing stopping you is your own body or other people waking you up. I once took so much, I soiled myself, and no one could wake me for three days. But the taste haunts me still, and now I only need a single drop. Just one. Won't give me a single drop?"


The most effective treatment has been to pull the patient off the potion and refuse to give the patient any more. After a year without the potion, and the patient would require less and less of the potion to achieve the strongest effect they were able to reach before the withdrawal began.

Withdrawal Sympotoms

Withdrawals generally consist of the patient struggling with sleep, and unrestful sleep when they do. Patients struggle with nightmares consisting of a lack of control over the dreams.


Mostly Lost History
The Adrakian Empire used the potion as a means to help enforce control over the less cooperative slaves.
Chronic, Acquired

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