The Laughing Circus

"They follow Freedom, but in the most extreme way. They say following Judgement is too strict, but the things they do... I'd say their circuses must seem to be heading for self-destruction."
"Isn't that why the The Gallery keeps them in balance?"
"True. Have you seen the last circus that came through with the Warforged with theair dancing? I was certain they'd break the cloth!"

Public Agenda

The Laughing Circus travels to ensure the people are free of oppression, and free to enjoy life.

Mythology & Lore

It is said Freedom was the first of the Gods, and Judgement rose up in a time when those who followed Freedom began to war amongt each other over who deserved what they wanted more. Or perhaps Judgement created the conflicts in order to form a role in the world [they] desired. In the end the two have been involved in a strange kind of Great Game (for [Freedom], anyway), while the other views it as [ther] Great Task (for [Judgement]).

Divine Origins

The Laughing Circus is said to have been formed by the first of the [Saints] of Freedom - [PLACEHOLDER INDIVIDUAL NAME] - with the blessing of Freedom to do as [they] wanted. While the Laughing Circus originated with the goal of wanting to make people smile and enjoy life, though behind some friendly smiles, there is the possibility of something more sinister, and the Gallery and the Guild of Law-Shields work keep the more sinister circuses in line.

Tenets of Faith

The worship of Freedom mostly consists of pursuing what makes the individual happy, and sharing that joy. Other parts of the faith include acting against oppression, which sometimes come with the assistance or resistance from members of the Guild of Law-Shields.


It is forbidden to keep another member of the Laughing Circus from enjoying their life, though competition for the member's goals is not forbidden.


Freedom is worshiped through acts of making oneself and others happy, and the organization's circuses travel Goltheris entertaining. If a Ringmaster is making life unhappy for their people, those people may leave, as the faith to Freedom is the expression of self-indulgence, action against oppression, and the sharing of joy, and stopping someone from enjoying their life is a charge no member of the Laughing Circus can avoid.


Ranks in the Laughing Circus are more determined by who would be happiest as, or wants, the position the most. Many members of the organization are lower ranks out of choice more than as a result of a lack of higher ranks, or politics within.
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There are factions of the Laughing Circus that do enjoy wielding power over others and playing political games, but they tend to act in more discreet manner.


The Laughing Circus is broken up into several smaller circuses that travel Goltheris.
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