The Gallery

"We follow Judgement because to do otherwise would put other people at risk of harm."

Mythology & Lore

Goltharine myths say Judgement was the first of the Gods, and Freedom rose up in a time when those who followed Judgement began to war amongst each other over who deserved what they wanted more. Or perhaps Freedom created the conflicts in order to form a role in the world [they] desired. In the end the two have been involved in a strange kind of Great Task (for Judgement , anyway), while the other views it as [their] Great Game (for Freedom).

Divine Origins

The Gallery are the legislation of Goltheris, who were founded by [Saint] Alfirs, who codified the rulings that would serve as the basis of Goltherine law.
The name came from one of the great shrines consisting or artfully depicted interpretations of the Great Task/Game one would expect to see in a private collection.

Tenets of Faith

In accordance to the Goltherine Code, the Gallery passes judgement after each side is debated.


Judgement's Judges are the ones who must be swayed by each disputing party before making a decision based on the Goltherine Code.
Court System
Related Ethnicities

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