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Servant's Cant

Hand signs and gestures used by Servants of the Family in the Five Cities are a recognized part of Servant's Cant. Servants are mute, and thus speak nonverbally.
While it is possible to mimic signs, Servants can easily recognize if someone is not one of their numbers. It's been suggested that there is a secret part to Servant's Cant that accompanies the gestures outside of interacting with Non-Family and Non-Servant members of society.

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Geographical Distribution

Servant's Cant is used solely within the Five Cities Region, though every city has a signing dialect.
Common Phrases
  • --A snap of the fingers from the middle finger while the hand goes from being level with the Servant's face to the lower sternum, palm down with the index finger and thumb still touching. The wrist does not twist as the hand is lowered.::A greeting from a Servant to anyone who is not a member of one of the Families

  • --A flat hand with the palm facing the Servant falling from above their head to cover their eyes as they bow there head. A sharp snap from the non-signing hand may accompany the action if the Servant believes no one will notice the warning otherwise.::"Eyes down, a member of the Family approaches"

  • --Hands held flat at above-shoulder level, palms facing the Servant, lowering palm-up to parallel the ground before intersecting the hands. The top hand then flips so the palms face each other.::"The Family thanks you for your service."

  • --Thumb tucked under palm will palm faces the Servant, hand is lifted to the Servant's lips and Servant shakes their head.::"I cannot speak/I am mute."

  • --One hand doing the top-hand motions from "The Family thanks you for your service."::"I thank you."

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