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Magic Guns

Warforged have magic face and arm cannons, a gun should be somewhat possible (or early stages of tech), but can only fire off one type of magic bullet.


Other than Warforged, they are not crafted often as their effectiveness is improved if crafted by a Forged Smith.
The gun is a weapon to shoot another thing, and to kill the target.
In Goltheris , there has been a rise in gun violence due to them becoming more commonplace, but in the factory-cities under the Cold Swamp Conglomerate of Families - placeholder 's rule, they are hard to fine, and only utilized by those who guard the Families.


A blacksmith can forged the pieces, and if the pieces are formed up in time before Not Lyrium But Lyrium can cease to enhance enchantments, then the pieces can be enchanted for their specific firing type.
A Forged Smith has the education and training to forge up the pieces and enchant them without delay.
[Factory-cities] will pour metal into the molds for the assembly line, but the process is less than reliable, tending to result in misalignment or the weapon malfunctioning in a catastrophic manner.
The Hallomin Family
Access & Availability
It was initially limited to The Five Cities' Servants of the Family until some gang in Goltheris stole one and brought it across the border, disassembled the machine, and built one with questionable improvements and a reduced size.

Or so the story goes. Since then, it has spread across Soplas, though some in Theydim and The Kingdom of Tormyra will turn their noses up at the technology.
The gun is a smaller, more portable version of the cannon.
Surprisingly, it was the factories of [factory-cities] who built the first of these guns, though they were more like cannons than guns of the time.

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