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  Lyraine Alei - This is a mechanics-heavy idea at the moment, specifically for 5e DnD, and backwards compatible with 3.5e DnD. I know 3.5 has an addiction table and mechanics, but I was trying to intuitively build a system that makes logical sense for the dice to be rolled, how, and why.
This is a mechanic concept on a very sensitive topic for a number of people. This game setting does not need to utilize this mechanic system, or even this idea, and a Game Master (GM) can elect to not include this as well as any of the addictive materials.


Caused by ingesting or being in contact with an addictive material ([Totally Not Lyrium], Alcohol, stimulants, depressants, toxins) and triggering the addiction.


  1. Roll 1D20, consecutively, for both Constitution and Wisdom
  1. The total must be higher than the baseline addiction number, plus the number of times in the last in-game week the addictive material was used. Baseline: 15 + a where a is the number of times the material was used (ex. 2 beers, or 5 doses of [opiate-like material])
  1. If failed, then player and GM must roll off for (in order) Constitution, Intelligence, Charisma until Player either loses a roll off, or passes all three. This will result in a temporary -1 to the stat of the lost roll off that lasts until the addictive material fully wears off and a long rest.
  1. If character is fully addicted (needing to roll at more than a 22 to pass), then regardless of use, player must roll for each day until they pass three days in a row.

The addiction mechanics can be removed with the addictive materials at the GM's discretion, and has not been tested.


If an attempt to resist addiction fails, then the Constitution and Wisdom rolls regarding the use of the material (after combat) determines how well the pass/fail went.
For example. Lyraine took one bottle of [Totally Not Lyrium] during a battle against a Revenant. She used a bottle three days ago, and a week before then, so she needs to roll a 15 + 2. Her Constitution roll was a 12, her Wisdom roll was a 3, for a total of 15, 2 less than she needed. Her body was not in the pains of withdrawals, but the bliss of ingesting or being in contact with [Totally Not Lyrium] was too much for her to resist, as she fed her addiction.


Successful rolls to resist, as well as generally avoiding or not having the addictive substance available, can sober a person back to sobriety. Characters must be "clean" for one in-game month before addiction resets to non-addict status

Cultural Reception

Addicts are viewed as less intelligent, and obsessed with obtaining their next fix. Someone who was intelligent before the addiction will often use clever methods of obtaining their next fix.

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