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Feana (a.k.a. Witch of the Bellwode)

Old Witch of the Bellwode. An elderly woman who prefers the company of her birds, and spends most of her day tending her garden. Occasionally some brave villager will come by to ask her to help with an illness, but in the main they leave her alone.   She is actually the main instigator amongst the Enchanters from Galedein who pushed for the binding of Anairedha Daliesyn during the Witch-War. Though she would never admit it, a lot of this was encouraged by Cinogen Anudyar, who was her lover at the time.   She and Kercei absolutely despise each other and every so often, both will send small troublesome spells to annoy each other. For example, Kercei recently sent a small rain cloud that rained over the top of Feana's cottage for 30 days. In response Feana, sent a spell that caused a flourishing of poison ivy all around Kercei's cottage that kept growing and growing.

Current Location
Year of Birth
711 (71 years old)
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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