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A war between the Kingdom of Esuanne and Lliannon that lead to the annexation of Lliannon. What was once Lliannon is now a province of Esuanne, known as Valinsia. The Witch-War is the name the Suannin give this war whilst the Tanoine of Liannon refer to it as the Fall of Lliannon.   Whilst tension have always existed between Esuanne and Lliannon, Shulle and Irien used to be part of Lliannon). The war was initiated by Demeric Terovengian who was also worried about the marriage between Cailan Perrardin and Ailenor Daliesyn which could lead to House Daliesyn inheriting the Duchy of Tephyre.   Anairedha Daliesyn and her daughter were accused of being witches who had "enchanted" Cailan Perrardin. The Enchanters of Lliannon were inhibited from using their power against the invading forces by adherence to the Covenant of Alinniah. Finally when the capital, Wironnah falls to siege, Anairedha finally lets loose with her power, conjuring a wind that screamed through the streets turning people to dust and killing herself in the process. It is believed the ghosts of those who died haunt the city and the city has lain abandoned and allowed to fall to ruin.   Despite having an alliance, Galedein refused to get involved in the war.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Esuanne won the war and annexed Lliannon.





To not be Annexed

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