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Chovantine Hegemony

The Chovantine Hegemony is a huge world spanning empire from the World of Tholace. They started off as a large Republic on the continent of Chovantis, but after a coup by the Society of Illumination and a merging with their militaristic neighbour, the Hegemony was formed. Over the next 150 years they have managed to conquer or annex the entire world of Tholace.   The Hegemony is ruled by the Society of Illumination, a large organization supposedly dedicated to scientific progress and knowledge. The society has been responsible for the machines of steam that pervade their society. Extensive railroads cross the continents and great mechanical airships rule the skies. Pollution is rife in the major cities of the Hegemony and coal mines are extensive. They talk about the welfare of the poor, but the poor are often refereed to as little more than lesser class citizens whose status in life is a result of their own laziness, thus workhouses are common.   The Hegemony has a dislike of magic and those who use it, and any use of magic is seen as a major crime. Religion is seen as little more than superstition, something the elite often condescendingly feel only the poor put any stock in. 50 years ago the Hegmony opened the World-Gate and established the settlement of Duskhaven, and from there invaded the World of Imphalas. Criminals and other prisoners are often sent to Imphalas to dig in the ruins of that world for any knowledge or mechanical remnants they can find.   They have also established a small outpost on Pelagant, on the small rocky isle of Inereu, but so far have been unable to expand much further than that.   Just recently they have launched a full invasion of the World of Tianant, but after initial success is finding themselves bogged down in multiple insurgencies that avoid large scale battles.


Each continent on Tholace is divided into three or four regions that are ruled by an Exarch who have vast autonomous powers and are answerable only to the Council of Luminarchs. There is also 7 great government departments in charge of fulfilling the wishes of the Luminarchs and the heads of each of these departments, known as Protarchs and are almost as powerful as an Exarch. The House of Whispers and the House of Winds are two such departments. The Armies are divided into 25 Legions, each headed by a Strategos that are also only answerable to the Luminarchs or the Exarchs. Most of the major professions are run by guilds that are in charge of making sure standards are kept.

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