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Dhul Qalassi

A very large militaristic Aalevi ethnic group that are found over most of the Continent of Ehojime. It is believed any other ethnic groups were assimilated into the Dhul Qalassi centuries ago. They are a major part of the Chovantine Hegemony and supply a lot of warriors to the Chovantine military.   They are one of the rare Aalevi cultures that is patriarchal, and they are not just patriarchal they are oppressively patriarchal, and it can be difficult to get Dhul Qalassi soldiers to obey female commanders.   The Dhul Qalassi is made up of 52 clans (known as "Lineages"). The clan a person belong to is not determined by what clans their parents belong to, but the circumstances of their birth (whether they were born in twilight or daylight, dawn or dusk, whether they were born in winter or summer, autumn or spring, whether there was a full moon or no moon, etc). It is very taboo to marry within the same clan.   The Dhul Qalassi are currently "Ruled" by their King (Majun) Isumad, though supposedly the Governor (Dominus) of Ehojime is his superior.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Nafia, Etaifa, Tareen

Masculine names

Ahamad, Isumad, Orzhad, Hazoah

Encompassed species
Significant presence in

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