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The Dragonscale Mountains

The Dragonscale Mountains were a prolific mountain range that went through the center of the continent of Eiren. They serve as a natural border between the Kingdom of Lysandus and the Confederation of Gothai.


During the first millennia, when the Mountain Dwarves first existed the caves, they began to settle upon the Dragonscale Mountains and build mighty castles and temples to their gods. The Mountain King was particularly famous for this. The Mountain Kingdom descended upon the Elves and stole many artifacts, and added to their wealth. His kingdom ranged from the top of Mt. Golgen to the towers of Urshlon. For three thousand years, the Mountain Kings asserted control of the range. However, the kingdom mysteriously fell apart, and the Urshlon Dwarves moved northward with their wealth to establish the Golden City. The remaining Mountain Dwarves moved to the lands of Norden, reforming a new kingdom there.   As for the mountain range, when the men of Keller drove away the dragons, many of them escaped toward the range. The mountains, shaped like scales, were thus deemed the Dragonscale Mountains. Soon, a bitter rivalry between the white dragon descendants of Tilgrez and the silver dragons of Gergelek sprung up. Ultimately, by the time of the 57th century, the latest descendant of Gergelek, Morgesk, has vied control of the Dragonscale Mountains, but has been challenged by the two-headed Turzok and his daughter, Turot.

Fauna & Flora

The Dragonscale Mountains are home to cedar and pine trees, growing around much of the mountainside. It also, occasionally, grows trees such as mistletoe and snowberry bushes. It is theorized the mountains had much more life in them, but the invasion of the dragons destroyed much of it.   As for fauna, the Dragonscale Mountains have standard creatures, such as mountain goats, deer, and birds. The Mountain Yak is also a common creature found here, often used by travelers to get their goods safely over the mountains. However, there are also monsters within the mountains, such as yetis. Particularly, dangerous remorhaz enjoy hiding inside of the old Dwarven ruins and caves for warmth, and tunnel and hunt around the mountainside to prey on other predators. White dragons are the most dangerous of the predators, however, especially since they enjoy human and dwarf prey. Because of these dangers, often merchants crossing the mountains have rangers at their sides to guide them through.

Winter by yagaminoue

Rangers, such as Hilda Snowladen, are essential to safely crossing these mountains for merchants and scientists.

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Cover image: Mountain Yaks by Jason Scheier


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