"My new lord welcomed me with a cup of good wine. The wine was affected by the cup- giving it a metallic taste. Or so I believed. It was strong drink and produced a giddy state. I thought I could "hear" unspoken words from my new lord. I felt strong and energetic, like I could race without tiring or set to work immediately. I said so to my lord, who smiled and bade me go rest. As quickly as he said the words I was overcome by fatigue and a desire to sleep. I soon found the effect was true and I gained a piece of powers from my new lord."
Observations by a cured Vampire Familiar
- Imperial scholar Ogu Tza "On the Vampyr"

"Now mine maker's voice is faint. The Other is the voice of many. It calls for blood to feed us. The Other is the force that obeys the will to move the cold hard body. It is like unto serpents under the skin and in the chest and stomach. From deep cold depth rises the powers in the Other that bespells mortals, that speeds the hand and is the hungering beast we learn to direct. The Other flows from us multiplied in our thrall and newlings."
"the Book of Night" Author unknown.

Transmission & Vectors

The traditional belief that a simple bite will transfer the condition is false. It requires blood transfer in the near dead or into the dead. The living and healthy, or merely wounded, gain improved vigor and strength and rapid healing. These living clear the infection over days or weeks, unless infused with fresh vampiric blood. The living infected are subject to the donor vampire's will and command as "familiars". The infected dead become simple animalistic undead predators.  Those who die while infected arise as mentally competent individuals of their vampiric line.


The source is spores of a underworld energy fungus spawned from, or once part of, the Abyss. The Abyss is an endless pit in the center of the underworld that consumes all that enter it.  Yet the Abyss is also said to be the source of some undead immaterial creatures and the Dark God of the Dark Fae.  Supposedly the Abyss is the husk of a primordial God that lies dead but deathless. Necromancers agree that there is something there, it is aware and things do come from the pit.  Fae agree that the followers of The Dark seek to destroy everything, feeding it to their Dark Undead God.  Rumors say that the Dark fae are all linked by a ritual to their God. The Book of Night, written by one claiming to be a vampire dates back to discovery and investigations by Centaur and Minotaur scholars in T 4054 and speaks of "The Other" as the source of much vampiric power and growing stronger by communing with this presence and borrowing from it.


The living infected may not show many signs at all or may develop signs of Corruption (See Crystal and Corruption ). Lore says that instilling vampiric blood in the dead causes them to rise as near mindless animalistic vampires within just a few days. Likewise the infected who die or linger near death will arise in days as vampires.


There is no known way to turn back one who becomes a vampire.  No treatment, cure, potion or magics against curses or diseases can restore the afflicted. Exorcisms and spirit banishings have no curative power but may repell the vampire. Some never regain ability to speak and reason, some gain back some ability, and many vampires - especially older ones - are cunning, intelligent and may pass as living to various degree. The only cure is destruction by fire, stake through the heart and/ or cutting off the head. Silver, garlic and holy items have variable effect depending upon which authors one believes.


Ancient classical period texts of the Centaurs recognize vampires afflicting them and all other kinds in the times from the Tumult to the rise of the Taurien Bronze age cities. They may have existed even back in the Demon Age, but no records are known to exist. The condition occurs every two legged kind and in centaurs. Dragon vampires are unknown.  Spirits with vampiric hungers or some qualities do exist but lack full vampiric powers. Nemesis spirits of the underworld are reported to show the contagion effect of vampires, passing from one body to another via bites.
    Vampires may follow a certain path of behavior. By adhering to this set of principles they hang onto their mental capacities as thinking beings and less the hungering monster they are driven to by desire, or seeking to plunge into and past the mindless beastial state.  These paths are:
  • Feral Path (hermits): Gives into the feral, bestial side. Outcast and rejecting humanity and civilization. Live in the wild alone or in pack/family. Eschue riches, jewelry and display as well as civilization’s decadence and things not needed by the undead. Live as a predator and feed when hungering. Defend territory from invaders. Do not dwell with the living and act as one of them. Forget the name you once had.
  • Humanity: To fight the curse, stand by the mortal values. Do not feed from or kill the innocent without permission or dire need, aid the needy, prevent and punish crimes, theft and vandalism. Uphold the mortal order covertly.
  • Blood Path: Vampires are Gods over mortals. Rule and command. Respect elders and more powerful, keep your word to lords and princes of the vampires. deliver vengance on disobedience, disloyalty or the soft. Mortals are to be subjugated cattle and playings and should feed the lords pleasures, establish control. Lesser immortals likewise.
  • Path of Night, the Corruption’s path: destruction, hunger, lusts and corruption. Disrupt with theft and chaos. Murder and mayhem. Turn others to this path. Exploit weakness and undermine order and opponents and consume them whenever able. Tempt and horrify those around you, the weak will fail, the strong become tempered.

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