The Imperial Emperor. Ruler of the Phoenix Throne. The First Light of the Earth in Heaven. King of the Holy Island of Kuan


The Emperor is of the Kuan Imperial line of Xian. The Empiriate Families of Tziju, Hoga, and Sadhi are of the Yellow Terrace clans. The original Imperial family - the Purple Jade Emperors who took the people's name of Torga has died out.


Children of the Emperor or Empress are designated Appointed Prince and Princess. At coming of age at 12 they are installed as Princes and Princesses if they can demonstrate one Hand Power. The Emperor may elevate one prince or princess as designated heir, otherwise it is automatically the eldest Prince or princess.


The Emperor must secure alliance and marriage with an Emperiate house. They command the Legions and the Monitors. The Emperor is the High Priest of the State Church, The Order of Heaven


The Emperor is the representative of the World before the Court of Heaven. The Emperor carries the please and prayers of the people and uses his powers to please the Gods and assure favor for the people of the Empire.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Emperor wears the Imperial crown for formal occasions, which incorporates a Demon Age Force Armor Crown. The Imperial Crown is entwined filaments of Gold and Silver as Dragons, set with gems and arcane crystals that glow when activated. It is built up to the front with a Phoenix on the brow and horns that sweep back to upturned points at the back. Nestled between the points is a large green gem called the Green Heart, representing the natural world. On the left side horn a blue Sapphire of Nobility while on the right is yellow Topaz of the Yeoman Peasants. The eyes of the phoenix are pearls which are the scribes, scholars and officials of the empire. It holds in it's claws the red Ruby of the crafters and artisans. From the sides and back rise wedge shaped wings tipped out and widest at the outter edges made of black jade and inlaid. The back is a Golden Circle, a copper triangle, ivory square, vertical oval of twisted vine, and bone Rhomboid. These represent the Gods and Goddesses of the Order of Heaven. The left is a silver crescent facing left, blue turquoise diamond, iron rectangle, horizontal oval of amber, and a flower bud of dark indigo lapis. These are the divine cohort on the left. On the right is a right facing crescent of amethyst, cylinder of ruby, orange garnet pentagon, green bronze wheel and a teardrop of jet. These are the cohort gods on the right.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If a Dowager Empress or Dowager Emperor as representative of the Empiriate family, the High Templar of the Church, and the Lord Chancellor, Lord Vizier, Lord Commander of the Guard, Lord Commander of the armies, Lord Inspector - the commander of the Monitors (spies and assassins) agree the Emperor is unfit, they may be deposed or skipped in succession and are called Exempt Emperor or Empress and may never ascend the Phoenix Throne. One who retires and gives up the crown to a successor or is a spouse of a former Emperor becomes a Dowager and has stepped down and may never ascend the Phoenix Throne again.


The Human tribes of Torga voyaged out on the Sea 5000 or so years ago in long canoes. They found a ring of Islands and settled there, forming the 24 Clans of the Shards. Only the Core, the holy Island of Kuan was barred because this was where the Torga Gods dwelled. Or at least the Newer Gods. They worshipped and made offerings and priests would speak with the Gods. They prospered and multiplied and some of the children were Changling and became fae at coming of age.
Over a thousand years the Fae population grew and slowly became the rulers because of their Fae powers. After roughly another thousand years the Gods reached out and became the Overlords, taking control and ruling by proxy. This may have been partially a response to the rise of the Harrower in the Far North. The Overlords allowed fae servants on the Holy Island and considered Humans of little value. It is not clear if famine or other trouble caused the uprising, but humans and many Fae chose rebellion. War was waged for nearly a century before an alliance of 4 houses along with Fae invaded and over threw the Overlords, destroying them completely. A century of squabbles over who the new high kings would be before the Priest-Kings of Kuan started Conquering the Shards. This is Year 0 of the Empire, as the Purple Jade clans of Kuan and their Yellow Terrance clans started the conquest and addition of each Shard to the Island Kingdom while also battling raids and pirates from all across the Sea. Some trade missions had been established in Golam, Olia and Eseret.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Heavenly Magesty
Source of Authority
The emperor is chosen by the Gods, by birth, the power of the Phoenix Hand and affirmed by the Church.
Current Holders
Related Organizations

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