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The Kuan Empire


Imperial family
The extinct first Imperial Line of Purple Emperors lasted just 3 generations. They were succeeded by the Xian.

Xian Lou (family, pronom) the Red Emperor of the Phoenix Throne.
Kuan Xian - Imperial Family main line
Torga Xian - Inner shard Imperial family, cousins, etc. Tziju,Hoga, Sadhi

Torga Shard Nobles (25)

  Olien Nobles

  Golam Nobles

  Ereset Nobles



Emperor and family
Emperiate family - extended clan
  • Chancellor- over sees Prefects
  • Vizier - over sees ministers
  • Lord Commander of the Guard
  • Lord Commander of the armies
  • Lord Monitor ( spies) - inspectors
  • Lord Wizard - Court wizard

  • Minister of Ceremonies
  • Minister of Attendants ( minister of House)
  • Minister of Justice
  • Minister of Agriculture
  • Grand Herald
  • Minister of the Revenues
  • Minister of Works
Prefects (oversee governors)
  • Central
  • Northern
  • Eastern
  • Western
  • Southern
Dominars: Regional Military Commanders -
  • Central
  • Eastern
  • Western
  • North
  • South
Generals for each Governor
Governors : they also command a militia for the local area.
  • Inner Core
  • Outer Shards
  • Provinces - 11 (one for each Kingdom)
  • Frontiers
  • Small Councils: Governor, generals and local representatives.
Local Masters: County Officers reporting to Greater Masters under the Governor
  • Master of Ceremonies and protocol
  • Master of Justice
  • Master of Works
  • Master of Revenues
  • Master of Agriculture
  • Inner Core nobles
  • Outer Shard Nobles
  • Local Kingdom Nobles
  • Foreign nobles


The Emperor meets with  lords and sometimes ministers for several hours a day.  The evenings will be court meeting with the visitors and nobles or engaged in entertaining musical or artistic performances. Court parties may be hosted by different individuals in the Court halls or nearby homes or embassy.
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
The principle coin is the Silver talent. 80 coin = 1 lb
Copper wedge - corner hole : worth 2 Brass.  Brass Wheel - center hole. 100 Brass to 1 Talent Silver Talent - rectangle w hole on one end. Golden Dragon - pentagon w off center hole. Imperial Bank Tickets:  Zhoha.  water mark, iron and antimagic threads. Bread slice size paper
Controlled Territories
Related Items
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