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Imperial Palace of Lanhou

There are few things so glorious and wonderful as the Imperial Palace in Lanhou. The outside courtyard is ringed with pillars set with Arcane Crystals that the Order of Mages set apprentices to light up at night in a pleasing multitude of colors. The Gate Palace of imperial offices is green with feathered beams and ornate decoration. The Imperial residence Palace itself has it's back to a lake formed by labor and magics that is fed from hotsprings. Around this are the White Jade Gardens, installed by the Emperor of White Jade in 1155.
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Special Properties

Beyond the Bronze Doors and Seals lies the gate of the Overlords. The Gate is actually a sort of shape suspended in space. It is neither a tear nor a door, not a form the mind can grasp and is just called "The Shape". It glows with strange intense blue blight. Beyond the entry of the shape is a space of strange flickering lights and echoing noises.


In the ancient days the Palace and grounds were the residence and seat of the Rulers of the Daemon Overlords. They were said to possess a mirror realm to which they were native and the Palace held the gate. The pillars and arches were and are magical seals that strengthen the barrier between dimensional realms. Many of these were later moved and some replicated by Imperial mages.  
In the Rebellion, the Yellow Terrances clans and their nearby Shard allies of Black Stone and Orange Waters, lead their armies to overthrow the Daemon overlords and take the Palace. The original structure was not fortified but was a campus of opulent residences around their central shrine which contained the gate. The histories state that the various Clan lords and ladies entered the gate and came away with the hereditary magics of the "Hands" - each unique to the nobles houses. The Lords of the Yellow Terrace gained the Phoenix Hand and set aside the Yellow Terrace to become the Phoenix and establish the Phoenix throne, while leaving the Yellow Terrance to their lesser cousins. The new King ordered bronze doors and seals made and enclosed the Overlord's gate. The old shrine was then built around for the foundation of the Imperial Residence that was placed above. The compound was walled and the residences transformed into homes of court and palace servants and officials in the Island Kingdom's period and Greater Kingdom as the Shard Islands were brought to obedience and loyal Clans were brought and given their Hands.
  In the Imperial Period the Palace has been minimally modified, adding the Arcane Crystal lights at night and the Offices and residences of the Lords of the Empire and the Ministers, the Legion barracks, the Monitors, the Church and the Order of Mages.


Travelers, merchants and those who trade with the Core in bulk may wish to see the wonders of the Imperial City, The Hall of Heroes where statues of great heroes, past emperors and empresses, and Legion Leaders are venerated as memorials with flowers, incense and candles. The Great Basilica of the Order of Heaven. Unless they have business in the Palace, the closest they get is a stone throw from the walls or maybe the Green Gate where they are turned away.
Noble persons, active and retired Legion, Priests or Monitors may have their requisition notes or orders that allow use of the Arch Gates in the provincial, or frontier governor's palaces that take them to the Shards, where they may gain use of the gates to the Holy Island sites or the Imperial City. Such persons may be stationed, have business with the Emperor or Court or other authorization fo access to the Palace grounds.
As you approach the Imperial Palace with it's walled compound, and units of Legion guard in station, and likely Monitor Assassins patrolling the grounds and walls, you come first to the Green Gate. Guard station and barracks, it's swallow tail roof is in 2 sets, with painted pole beams as if feathers. It is an impressive and beautiful structure that shows the grace, excellent style and grand scale of the Empire.
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