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The Fae Soul

We are cousins to the spirits. We walk between the worlds and feast and revel in the Mists. On mortal food alone we become weak. Mortals become enchanted and mad when they partake of ours food and drink in our halls. We are both a part of and apart from the world.

Historical Basis

It isn't known today exactly when the Fae races fled to the world from their masters the Sidereal. These new arrivals were not part of the world and had no place in it's structure and cycles. To establish place the Fae made pacts with spirits of the basic elements, and the seasons. Iron has never liked the Fae and remains their anathema in it's purest forms. In fact Iron dispells things in the Dreaming and Mists. It is grounded in earth, and has the power to point to true north as a needle on a wooden float in water. Iron likes the work of the hand and not magic. The Dwarves have made peace with iron via their stronger oaths and bindings to the Earth Elements, and may use it's powers so long as they touch the earth element. Iron will still destroy the Fae soul that is made of Dreaming when used to kill.

  The Fae are partially material but still retain a core of Dreaming soul from beyond. This manifests in the ability to Cross over and Walk in the Mists and into the Dreaming. They do not cross to the Umbra and the Underworld on their own magics but may manifest aspects of Nightmare related to death, pain and horror. Because they are partially still creatures of the Dreaming, they pass back through it at death. The oaths and bindings allow them to travel back to be reborn within the Fae races or those who have been touched with Fae blood in their ancestry.

The reborn Fae have spent days, months or years in the Mists before rebirth. They are not ghosts, but rather whisps. Insubstantial memories and dreams of themselves. The precise mechanisms by which they are reborn is not known by sages and scholars. If born as Changelings they transform at maturation, manifesting their Fae lineage. Those born to the races are true to their form from the start. The Fae know they are reborn because many have memories of past lives - memories that range from vague recollections to detailed knowledge and skills that arise form their own dreams. All recall past lives as the same breed as they are in life.


The Fae beliefs are the source of the Fae Heresy in the Empire of Kuan.  The fae say that the Gods are nothing but jumped up Dreaming Chimeric creatures created from the belief and stories of the Torga peoples.  They give greater respect to the primitive spirit worship of the Olia, the Dragon worship of Esereti and the pagan Elder Gods of the ancestral Golam.  This is part of the dislike and historic shunning of the Fae devils by imperials and the Imperial Fae exclusion law.

Cultural Reception

The Taurien respect Fae as a distinct sub class of the Dreaming Tree's kinds and the multiple worlds. Fae for their part respect the The Followers of the Book of Raervan, traditions of the Dreaming Tree.
Related Ethnicities

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