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The Fae

Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Gnomes and Trolls are the Fae. Human scholars know that the Fae have several layers of courts - seasons, elemental, racial and Seelie and Unseelie. There are also demonic elder High Elves, sometimes called the The Sidereal Fae . The Sidereal ruled the lesser fae and in some places still rule, or roam causing destruction, terror and madness in accord with their desires and natures.   The Fae peoples were mostly moved to the southern territory called Summerlands, and ruled by the Seelie Court about 1000 years ago by the 6th Emperor. Small enclaves are allowed but may not be citizens. Unseelie are seen as evil monsters. Fae nobles have several layers of complexity but rank as semi-independent protectorates of the Empire. Fae nobles all bow to the Seelie King and do not get involved in Politics of the Empire. If you wish to play a changeling fae ask (some families have Fae blood, especially Esereti and around puberty will transform from human to manifest their Fae ancestry- Elf ( there are several sub types), Dwarf, Troll, Goblin, or Gnome. It is a stigma. The Unseelie frontier Is wild and considered an enemy of the Empire but neutral with the Summerlands. They are tolerated so long so they don’t trouble the Imperial Territories.

Major organizations

The Fae are divided first (or perhaps last) into racial groups:
"Elves" - Sidhe ( High elves) , Sluagh (night elves), and Pooka (wood elves).
These breeds are tall and thin, with pointed ears (Sidhe up, pooka out, Sluagh back) high cheekbones, and narrow arched brows. The clothes tend to elaborate or intricate.

"Ogres" - Trolls, Goblins.
Rough, burly, and fanged. They have pointed ears, skins in pale shades to green, brown and ebony. They prefer armor and rough clothes.

"Halflings" - Gnome, Dwarf.
Pointed ears, bearded male and female (lightly). Fancy dress or work clothes preferred.

Kithian -lesser beings - Satyrs, Faeries, hobgoblins and the like.

  Next Fae are By Court:
  • Sealie (light, beauty, order)

  • Unsealie ( Power, Darkness, Chaos)

  • The Dark ( Given over to destruction, oblivion, death and pain)

  • The Grey (Neutral on Order vs Chaos, but Opposed to The Dark and Sidereal High Fae)

  • The Tribes: The Fae are bound to the world via the elements. The Seasons and their flesh by the different breeds.
  • Earth: Brown, black or yellow hair. Dressed in metals or armor of carved gemstone and yellow jade. stocky and rough featured.

  • Air: Always bestirred by slight currents and gusts, their white, yellow or fawn hair. Diaphinous gowns, flowing robes and gems like stars, with weapons of white jade.

  • Fire: Red or black haired, this tribe favors flash: glittering gems, flowing silken robes. They like obsidian, red jade and fire forged metals. They may vent steam or smoke.

  • Water: Typically dressed in fishscale, pearl and little else. They may have blue tints to hair or skin. They favor nets, spears and tridents and blue jade.

  • Wood: Favor woodland theme (cloak of leaves w. berry tassels) and favor weapons of wood or green jade. In winter may wear furs. Light or dark hair, sometimes with green tinges. Elders will sometimes have barklike skin on the back or shoulders.

  • Water and Air Tribes may take a skill with Black Jade and the powers of Winter and Ice for Winter and Autumnal Courts Dress is unaffected, though furs may be added.

    The Houses are the Seasonal Association.
    House of Spring: The Antler Crown: Desire - hunger, lust, greed - fed or instigated. Love.
    House of Summer: The Emerald Court. Wrath - anger, competition. Pride.
    House of Autumn: The Court of Whispers: Fear. Wonder.
    House of Winter: The Court of Ashes. Sorrow, guilt & regret. Pleasure.
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