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The Dark Fae

The Dark: These are typically fae that have been infected by the Dark – consuming oblivion, death and pain. This is a secret alignment. Destruction is their goal. They are enemies of the Seelie - and each will destroy the other if able. Unseelie may tolerate them but are opposed to the destructive nature of The Dark. The Dark Fae are as eager to destroy the The Sidereal Fae as the Grey Court. Nonfae may be inducted by seeking out Dark Fae or Blood Gift. Necromantic rituals also may allow one to contact the Abyss to offer up Name and Soul and join the unity.

The Principles of the Dark are:
  • Death and destruction is where all end up. Sooner or later. Oath breaking is another destruction. So too is the destruction of innocence. Beauty and ugliness mean nothing to the Dark. The only truth is the end of all things.

  • All are one: The Dark are united in a hierarchy of power. The strong lead because they are closer to the source, the weaker obey. All in the Dark are in unity with the One and each other. They may mind speak across any distance on a successful Spirit roll if not distracted. Those who die as part of the Unity continue to exist in the Unity. They may return as Darklings or may temporarily possess another member or Blood Gifted of The Dark

  • Pain, suffering, blood and death are your ends. Also your meat and drink. ( see divine gifts).

  • Structure

    The servants of The Dark are not organized beyond the local members of a cell. Here, power leads. The source- The Abyss is constantly present listening, watching, whispering in each member and all share in the Unity. It takes an act of will to shut down and ignore the voices or to probe the hivemind for answers. (spirit roll as Distracted).   Might makes right and those who have delved deep into the seed of the Other have awakened the Abyss in themselves. 


    The Dark will fit in with their surroundings - rarely able to pretend to be Sealie, but otherwise acting normally in a group or socially. Only in isolation, privacy, distress or on a mission will they show their true selves and powers.
    Amongst themselves they will indulge in feeding lusts and hungers and the mind link of unity. Excess is common.

    Public Agenda

    Destruction, death, pain and transformation as all become one with the Abyss or are destroyed and left out of the glory.

    Mythology & Lore

    It is no myth. The One was the namer and shaper of the Primordial Gods. All things took form from the structures of the One. Then it died in the Primordial War. But the One is deathless. It collapsed inward upon itself and pulled all of it's memory from the world as it fell into the Underworld. Now the One is the Abyss. It draws all to it in it's deathless sleep to recreate the universe in it's new form. Every one who gives up name and soul becomes one with the One. All it consumes become one with the Abyss. It will consume all and all will pass into a new universe of unity. This Universe is split and shattered, isolated and broken. Eat life and bring death to the enemies of unity. Destroy the broken order of things to remake them united by the unity of all who are One.

    Granted Divine Powers

    Dark Powers: cost 1 essence (Power point) +1/ rank. Dark Fae are immune to vampire powers.

    0: Blood Price: Fae of the Dark gain 1 essence and 1 gossamer per combatant or prisoner from inflicting wounds, and drinking blood. Raw meat gives only .5 essence per meal.

    • Kill the light: Causes any 1 nonmagical fire to go out within 5 areas+ 1 Rank, upto 1 / lvl. Magical Fires/ Light resist at Force rank vs Caster Rank+POW

    • Gift of Blood: The Other, a tiny bit of the Abyss, may pass from the member of The Dark to another mortal, fleshy being by wounds, blood to blood. Ingestion gives 1 die boost to subject Vigor and Str and may "hear" the giver. This lasts 1 day or until a successful Spirit roll - which ever is longer (roll on ingestion, then daily). Blood infection causes Spirit roll. Until a success or 1 hr the Abyss speaks and whispers to the infected offering power and unity in exchange for offering up name and soul. It will replay abuses and suffering, wrongs and harms of the infected, offering revenge and retribution. The Vigor and STR die boost also occurs. Another option is that the Giver may call another member of the Dark- living or Dead to possess the body of the infected so long as the infection remains. The infected may make a Spirit roll to resist.

    •• Weasel: on spirit + Dark Rank contested roll may resist and escape the clauses of Promise by other fae or others who may impose obligation. Attempts to detect  lies fail. 

    ••• Darklings: Calls up 1d4 + 1 per 5 essence of Darklings: shadowy figures of 1d6 stats Fighting 6, toughness 6, Parry 3, pace 6. mind link and obey mental commands. They are vaporous and can slip through tiny cracks. Wall Crawler. Take 1 wound to be dispelled.

    •••• Energy Drain: on touch or successful attack victim rolls Vigor or lose 1 die of a targeted attribute. If an attribute is reduced from 1d4 the victim is incapacitated until healed. If the attribute is Vigor and would be reduced from 1d4, make a Vigor roll or die. Recovery is 1d per 24 hrs or by Relief spell to Recover.

    ••••• Darkling Minion: summons 1d4 Darklings at 1d10 Attributes, Toughness 10, Parry 5, Pace 10. Mind Link. Wall Crawler and vaporous. They take 3 wounds to be dispelled.

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