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One of the two "Halfling" races, Gnomes are very short. They are typically under 1 meter (3 ft)  tall and tend to soft stocky, bearish build to round and heavy set,  but less muscular and blocky than their sibling halfling race, the Dwarves. Males will have a moustache  and/ or beard ( more likely muttonchops or well kept short beard than a long Dwarven style), while females have hairless faces. Hair is varied from straw blonde, to fiery orange-red or purple, grey or white and typically braided or shoulder length. Gnomes don't hold with looking "messy" or unkempt.
While generally cheerful and personable, they are rustic and clannish, and sometimes like Dwarves, disdainful of outsiders or down-right unfriendly. They are predominantly Wood, Earth or Fire Tribes, rarely Water and less likely still the Tribe of Air.  Gnomes have sharp senses with low light vision, notice +1 pip ( start d6 rather than d4) and are tough ( +1 pip to Vigor).


Shared customary codes and values

Gnomes have a species wide compulsion to lend aid to those who are in need or wounded. Unsealie tend to use this to gain advantage and edges, placing obligation and debt on the aided. Unsealie are not above setting up situations to put someone in a place that they need assistance. The Dark may offer a defeated opponent a last chance to join the Dark and will simply kill rather than torture.
The Gnomish compulsion frequently places them in service industries and hospitality. The philosophy of service underpins Gnomes - service raising them above their charges and bestowing honor upon themselves. Cooks, butchers, cleaners and washer folk, barbers and grooms, brewers, clothiers and tailors, Innkeepers and service staff, stable work, farming, leather crafters, woodworkers, musicians and entertainers. They are industrious workers devoted to security, comfort and solid routine. Quiet and practical they also feel that everyone's business is their own. They take great pride in their work and can be quite temperamental if the quality is questioned or a beneficiary is complacent or short on reward. Like Dwarves, Gnomes have a talent so long as none but Gnomes are watching. They can accomplish any simple physical labor task in less than 1/3 the time it would take a mortal when unobserved by non-Gnomes. Unlike Dwarves, Gnomes tend to green natural materials work - leathers, wood, fabrics, wools and such rather than metals, stone and gems. They also prefer to work with plants, animals and people in contrast to Dwarven preference to devices, building, and things.

Common Dress code

Gnome garb tends to top shirts and blouses with vests with lower body trousers, skirts, breeches or full lengthy dresses. Footwear is variable from sandals to shoes, boots or high heeled or platform shoes.  They wear earmuffs, hats, caps and scarves, typically in colors of their Seasonal House affiliation.

Art & Architecture

Gnomish architecture tends to rustic wood, wattle, or plaster rather than cold stone, with added touches for warmth and comfort (pillows, carpets, windows and sconces).

Coming of Age Rites

Gnomes consider those under 15 years as children. Age 16-25 is young person/old child and 26+ as adult. Children will be trained and helping in the work of parents and siblings or performing tasks suited to their abilities for the household. The young person is celebrated on reaching 16 years and is expected to chose an apprenticeship path. The Apprenticeship celebration, as 16 is called, features gifts of clothing, tools and a party with food, drinking, stories, games, music and dancing. Adulthood is observed with a reversed party- the new adult hosts a fest and gives out gifts to those who have raised, helped and/ or trained them.

Major organizations

Unsealie Court 
Sealie Court 
The Dark Fae 
Grey Court
Parent ethnicities
Related Myths

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