Imperial Fae exclusion law

This is so wrong! I am still me. I became this thing but I have done nothing wrong! My family rejects me and calls me a devil. They say I should be grateful, in the olden days I'd have been killed for violating the Ban. But I did nothing! I just woke up changed! Now I am forced on this ship. Sent to a strange foreign land with nothing and no friends or family. What will I do?
Changeling fae on being exiled from the Core.
The 4th Yellow Jade Emperor in his wisdom saw that The Fae devils needed to be separated from the Torga people of the Imperial  Core (see The Core )  and restricted through out the Empire so that they might not again try rebellion and over throw human rule to restore Fae dominion. In the year 703 he passed the Fae Exclusion law.


The Fae devils though largely essential to the formation of the Free Torga nation which was the Kingdom of Kuan, were suspected of many crimes - stealing children and replacing them with Fae individuals, haunting and terrorizing people with fae magics and nightmares and plotting the overthrow of the kingdom and growing Empire. Beyond this was the Fae Heresy - some fae claiming that the Gods of the Holy Order of Heaven are not true Gods, but rather empowered spirits of myth, memory and legend that pretend to be Gods.  In an act of benevolence the Seelie Fae were given lands of their own, and dominion to rule them as they saw fit as Imperial citizens.

Historical Details


Though the rebellion against the Overlords was nearly 700 years ago ( see Torga History ), fae races were still seen as devils and malign influences. In the cities and towns they were segregated to enclosed slums with gates and guards and curfews. Some fae in the countryside of the Core and Shard islands still held lands as holds, banners and farms. They were accused of kidnapping, of murders, ritual sacrifice and cannibalism. The fae were held responsible for nightmares and night terrors as they attacked regular people in Dreams. Changelings continued - a few every year. The fae denied responsibility or the Seelie blamed the Unseelie court for crimes and attacks. Increasing numbers of Fae also added to tensions. Many wanted full on war and extermination, with nobles eager to take remaining Fae lands. The Emperor sought to secure control over lands claimed in the past 20 years war with the Lizardkings south and west of the Esereti lands. By exiling the Fae, while keeping them as Imperial subjects he created a buffer and ensured the fae would be occupied with settling the region and battling Octnon .


in the later half of 703 and into 704 voluntary and involuntary relocation occurred. In 710 a Third Holy Crusade was declared and all remaining Fae were hunted down and either killed or exiled from the Core and Shards.
The dwarves had largely split from their Fae relations thousands of years ago and had a great kingdom and scattered enclaves in Olia Provinces , Provinces of Eseret, Golam Provinces , and beyond in the independent and wild lands and even to the Taurien States  and Parensaar, the realm of the Lizardkings. The dwarves objected to the invasion of tens of thousands of relocated fae.  The ill feeling was promoted by various factions and led to the Dwarf rebellion of 708.

Public Reaction

The general Core region was pleased - nobles and lesser clan families took over remaining Fae holdings. Likewise Imperial loyalists saw opportunity in the provinces.


The following century resulted in the killing of hundreds of fae found in the Core and the Shards. 
Olia and Golam fell in with Imperial law.  In Eseret they had long had good relations and even intermarriage with the various Fae races.  Some lords and clans took in Fae and established enclaves, others helped move fae populations to the frontiers, the new Commonwealth or into independent lands. Some eagerly ejected and evicted fae peoples and confiscating lands and property.   
Today the law is less strictly enforced. Changelings are exiled if found in the Core and Shards. Fae sections exist in many cities.
Authoring Date
Imperial Year 703, 25th day of the Cricket

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