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Magiphysiologist (maj-AYE-fis-EE-olo-jist)

"In this study, we examined the common theory of the 'self' being separable into three distinct parts: the Flesh Self, Mental Self, and Astral Self."
— The Theory of the Flesh, Mental, and Astral Selves

For the longest time, the field of Magiphysiology was considered novel and unimportant-- when the layman can observe the effects of casting the Light spell on an individual, why would researchers need to study it? The subject of the spell now sheds light.

The field was also significally hampered by "inexplicable" side effects or reactions to spells between two subjects. However, a joint paper published by Sakalli Cilith and Grysthel Ynkori, titled The Theory of the Flesh, Mental, and Astral Selves presented the theory-- backed by significant evidence-- that what people commonly thought of as the "self" was actually three seperate selves that could be separated or affected independently of the others.



Before the Arcane Academy of Physiology opened within the Province of Obonjon, there was no formal training for Magiphysiologists. They typically began as Arcana majors at a "classical" university, or even self-taught wizards, before jumping into independent research and merging the two through trial and error.

Career Progression

The vast majority of students that graduate with a degree from the Arcane Academy of Physiology do not go on to become full-time Magiphysiologists. Research is typically funded by acquiring a sponsor from a noble house in the scientist's home country, of which there are few able to fund such research, and fewer willing to take the chance on a previously "illigitimate" field.

Payment & Reimbursement

For the lucky few who find themselves sponsored by a noble house and can focus on their field full-time, they are often "unpaid", but instead given housing, food, clothing, and other allowances as a means of payment, instead of a strict paycheck.
Research / Scientific
Famous in the Field
Related Technologies
Notable Discoveries
The Theory of the Physical, Mental, and Astral Selves

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