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Theory of the Flesh, Mental, and Astral Selves

In 1503, Sakalli Cilith and Grysthel Ynkori co-wrote a research paper outlining their recent observations in the field of Magiphysiology. The paper outlined the different phenomenon they observed when different spells were cast on a willing test subject, in this case, Sakalli Cilith herself.

The paper then explained how they took the seemingly random events they observed, and compared them with different explanations from various religions and myths around the world.
"The similarities observed in different myths and cultures, that have never interacted with one another and thus could not draw inspiration from each other, indicated their may be a thread of truth within said myths."
— Theory of the Flesh, Mental, and Astral Selves
From there, they detailed their process for sorting through every tale and myth they could uncover that related to magic, and then sorted them by magic that interacted with people and magic that didn't.

The Study


Using magic interacting with the world as their control for the experiment, they used a myriad of detection methods-- a variety of devices designed to detect different aspects of magic-- as they repeatedly cast the same handful of spells on inanimate objects ten times each.

As predicted, the devices recorded the exact same levels with each casting, establishing baseline measurements for the rest of the experiment.


With a baseline established, Grysthel proceeded to attach the devices to Sakalli and cast the same spells used on the inanimate objects on Sakalli, recording the results each time.

While the spells' effects were observably identical, no two reading on the devices were the same with each cast, and depending on the nature of the spell, the readings could sometimes be wildly different. The exception was the Burning Hands spell, which remained consistent.

The Theory

The resulting inconsistencies led to Sakalli and Grysthel to develop their Trifecta theory, detailing their belief that the "self" was actually composed of three pieces: The Flesh Self, the Mental Self, and the Astral Self.

While the Flesh Self is the concrete, observable body, the shifting thoughts of the Mental Self, and emotional volitility of the Astral Self served to explain the inconsistent results.


This time, when casting spells such as Bane or Detect Thoughts, Sakalli ensured her thoughts were consistent, and her emotions calm and steady with each cast. As hoped, the readings were all identical to each other.
Destroyed in The Cataclysm
Study, Scientific
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Spells Used
Animate Objects
Burning Hands
Commune with Nature or Commune
Detect Thoughts

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